Real Equals Vulnerable, #1000Speak #BeReal

April 20th – the birth of a monster.

Every year, the question comes up: if you could go back in time and make it so Adolf Hitler was never born, would you?

A whole lot of vulnerable human lives were under threat and were destroyed.

1000 Voices Speak For Compassion – Vulnerability

I’d planned to write about the documentary The Hunting Ground (a movie made about the real issue of rape on college campuses all across America), the refugee crisis (families uprooted from their homes), the crisis in the northern Ontario First Nation communities (suicide pacts amongst youth in Attawapiskat), or our planet (on this Earth Day).

All these topics illustrate vulnerability.

This is what makes me feel vulnerable.

My laptop is dying and won’t allow much more than this.

This is what I am going with instead.



love and relationships

Being real equals being vulnerable.


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