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TToT: Storage Almost Full – Victorious! #10Thankful

“The trees were still leafless, black, cold; but the fine twigs were swelling towards spring, so that looking upward it was with an expectation of the first glimmering greenness. Yet everything was calm, and the sky was a calm, classic blue.”

—Doris Lessing

All About That Bass – Meghan Trainor

It was a lovely afternoon, writing outside, on my back deck, while a day-time music jam went on in my basement.

So much about families who have had humiliation and abuse happening, I’ve been hearing about this week. Last weekend was International Day of Families. I had lots of family time this last week, with taking care of each other, helping each other out, and a birthday celebration too. I am glad I can be there for them when they need me and that I have them when I’m the one in need.

This week I did what would have been unthinkable, even just a few months ago, and I found more inspiration to keep doing new and exciting things.

(For a first glimpse, a reveal if you will of my developing violin talents – read on!)


For my family.

I am lucky. I know.

For the chance to learn about a part of the world I know very little about.

I got a detailed account, during a car ride, about China, a part of the world I’ve never been to and know very little of.

It’s so wonderful, to me, when we can learn about a place that feels so very far off and foreign, but that’s why I love a well narrated travel tale.

For yet another nearly perfect checkup for my transplanted kidney.

I am now less than one month from marking 19 years with my father’s kidney he donated.

My creatinine level was once again 70 and this is where it has stayed, for years and years, where once it reached an all-time dangerously toxic level of twelve hundred

Anything under 100 is perfect, as long as the number doesn’t keep increasing. Mine has been no higher than the eighties for years.

For a catch-up lunch with someone from my past and that of my brother.

We shared news and it was no longer a strictly teacher/student interaction.

We conversed as three adults, a definite shift from how it once was. I even gave her a copy of the anthology my story appeared in last year, as a thank you.

I wanted to thank her for all she did. She taught me braille and got me through so much. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her guidance all those years.

For the chance to perform my violin for my sister, as her birthday present.

I thought that could be the best present I could give her this year, other than the trip out to the nail salon together last week that is.

I was nervous, with my first real live performance, second song ever learned.

I don’t know how musicians perform in front of groups of people like that. Although it was only a small group of six, I felt apprehensive and later decided to share it on Facebook.

Reason is that I hope it will give me motivation to keep working hard to improve.

That a friend from far away happened to see the post on Facebook.

I appreciated her unexpected support, only in that it was a surprise to me that she happened upon the video in the first place. She’s one busy lady.

For the smell of BBQ somewhere in the spring afternoon air.

For a beautiful day to be outside while musicians played their hearts out inside my house.

Other times it is later in the evening. This time I could enjoy the warm weather and the music wasn’t quite so loud from inside the house out to where I was relaxing.

For the opportunity to reflect on what it takes for me to show myself a little self compassion.

Loving My Self-ish, #compassion #1000Speak

Another 20th of the month has come and gone and I nearly skipped it, but glad I decided to write what came to mind.

For a promising start, the hope that I won’t end up one of those one-hit-wonder song lyric writers.

My brother and I are beginning our second collaboration together and I am really excited to see where it might lead.

I didn’t think I could do it last time and now I have “Don’t Look Back” of which I am immensely proud.

Announcing My Lyric Writing Debut

I have high hopes for “Decade Adrift” in the days and weeks to come.

But now…without further adieu:

Happy Birthday Song For My Sister (violin edition)

Hope that wasn’t nearly as painful for you to listen to as it was for me.

Hope I can get this post added in time. It’s off to sleep for me now.

Happy Victoria Day or whatever long weekend holiday you’re celebrating. Hope no more fireworks keep me up tonight.


8 thoughts on “TToT: Storage Almost Full – Victorious! #10Thankful

  1. valj2750 says:

    I’m clapping after hearing you play. That is fantastic. Not perfect, but fantastic and I’m sure your sister appreciated the love that went into the performance. Couldn’t help but love the little giggles in the background.

    • Thank you for your applause.
      I will keep working at it for the next birthdays coming up in my family.
      Wasn’t the little voice the best, just the sweetest part of the whole thing?

  2. Great news on your father’s gift to you. Whenever I read your posts I am amazed by the quotes and references you include. I read a lot, but never anything so literary (I think that is the word I need, not sure though) . Sometimes I think I should read more really good writing if I really want to call myself a reader.

    • There are a lot of books I think I should read, but I never get to them all, and maybe I never will. I say, read what you want to read. Thank you though. I’ve been told before I am fairly literary. That is where I prefer to be.

  3. From the posts I’ve read at various times, it’s clear Kerry, you have an extraordinary family. That is for sure a thankful. Always:) How amazing and wonderful your Dad for giving you one of his kidneys! Here, here to perfect numbers!!
    Music! Isn’t it great! A world without it, simply isn’t. Fantastic you’re working on lyrics to another song. I look forward to hearing “Decade Adrift”. I’ve written words some time ago intentionally as lyrics but unless you know someone to write the music… Nice collaboration thing you’ve got with your brother 😀
    Posting the vid on FB was hugely brave. No way would I have been able to hit the publish button lol I hope you will be an inspiration for me to pick up the bass again 😀
    Self-compassion. It’s a thing to learn, not to be so hard on oneself. We often have the highest expectations for our own selves.

    • Yes! Do it! Pick up that bass!
      I had the most positive of violin lessons yesterday and I know, if I can feel that way about my future with the violin, you can play again. Would love to hear that some day.
      Yes, family and music are two of my favourite things. I am lucky to have a brother who writes music, but now we’re taking on a podcast too. I just hope I don’t make him sick of me too rapidly.
      Thanks for the support and encouragement.

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