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Pieces of Me, #FTSF

The truth is, my left eye is artificial. a rod fuses my spine, keeping the curve of scoliosis at bay. My father’s kidney sits on my right side, at the front of my body, in my abdomen.

I sometimes feel like more others and other things, than I do myself.

How I grew up to be the one I am now…well, I acquired all these things along the way, making me stronger, propelling me forward.

What is artificial and what what is real?

I became who I am, with those materials and those extra, needed transplanted body parts.

It sometimes feels like I am part of some science fiction story.

I am who I am today because of all of this, but not without those people and the memories we’ve made together.

Right now, pieces of me are being kept safe, within boxes and boxes of old cassette tapes, a passing fad it seems, but even vinyl has made a comeback, so who knows what could very well come back around again one day.

On those tapes I was becoming me all those years, with the help of my family, my friends, and my doctors. They saved me, my very life, on more than one or two or a dozen occasions.

When I grew up, I knew…well, I’m still growing. Up and up and up I go. Up and back down again, as life often happens.

But as long as I have my father’s kidney (working well and taking me straight to breaking records for longest renal transplant) – nineteen years, on June 5th!

As long as I have my artificial eye where it’s supposed to be and my spine held straight, thanks to the hardware that keeps me from curving and twisting.

As long as I have my family behind me, supporting me, in whatever I do.

As long as there now exists digitized copies of those memories from childhood and the life that gave me…its best shot at stability.

Then I will be here to finish another sentence with all of you next week.

Another excellent one, with

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and this week’s FTSF sentence producer,

Life Through My Bioscope.


5 thoughts on “Pieces of Me, #FTSF

  1. Gosh, Kerry. I feel awe reading this. Partly because you have been through such a lot , partly because it’s wonderful that you have been – and still are – so supported by your family, and partly because it’s just such a well written post. Thank you for sharing these parts of you.

  2. Kerry!!! Ok so you’d mentioned not wanting to repeat yourself and wow, you totally didn’t repeat yourself. I think this is one of my favorite posts of yours EVER. Seriously. I can imagine how it feels strange and also wonderful to have your dad’s kidney in you – and artificial things helping you to stay straight and alive and wow. My favorite line is “Up and back down again, as life often happens.” Because isn’t that so true how we grow up and back and forward and then stall… seriously awesome post, friend.

    • Thank you. I really tried and I’m glad it shows. Yes, and I stall a lot, so it’s good that I’m not alone there. It is a strange feeling to have your father’s kidney.

  3. upasna1987 says:

    Hey Kerry, Its great that you digitized those memories which were a part of you then. Love this post; the way you stitched it so perfectly to portray now-you. Thanks for sharing.

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