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TToT: Greatness, Audacity, Tragedy – “Wow and Flutter” #10Thankful

“…Courage, my word. It didn’t come, it doesn’t matter. Courage, it couldn’t come at a worse time.”

Courage – The Tragically Hip (For Hugh MacLennan)

I don’t know how much of a lot of Canadian music always makes it out of Canada sometimes, but the big news here this past week is the announcement that a nationwide musical icon has been diagnosed with a terminal brain cancer. I just figured I would share one of my favourite songs from Gord and his band. I learned something new and interesting about the origin of the song “Courage” and it seems apt.

I know I have looked to these lyrics, searching for courage at different times in my own life, and now it appears courage “couldn’t come at a worse time” for Downie.


Here’s what I learned about a Canadian writer who inspired “Courage” the hit song:

Who’s Hugh MacLennan?

Onward and to my thankfuls for the week and there are some, for sure.


For just how good my parents really are to me.

I honestly, sometimes, feel I really don’t deserve them as my mother and father. This was brought home to me in a big way this week.

I was on the phone with my mother early in the week about something. When I hung up, I found myself feeling emotional about how they have always looked out for me, in both big and small ways, and how even now they are preparing for the future. It is a hard thing for me to think about sometimes, how much they have had to worry about me, but that’s how life goes. I can’t fully express, as we’re in the middle between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, still upcoming.

For that ability to turn on my AC when spring suddenly makes the leap into summer earlier than one might have expected.

For a local, provincial television station.

TV Ontario

I guess it’s like PBS or something, but again, this one would be something only those living in Ontario, Canada would likely be aware of.

I watched this channel since I was a kid and now I watch it for so many fascinating nature, science, social issue and travel documentaries. I love a lot of their historical programs. I learn a lot, as far as media goes, from TVO.

For the sharing of ideas that make me better and believe I deserve to strive for more in my own life.

Lidia Yuknavitch: the beauty of being a misfit, TED2016

This woman’s words made me cry because I’ve felt out-of-place too, many many times in my life, but I still want to believe I will figure out where I fit in.

For hash tag Greatertorontoday and the good deeds that were done.

All across the city of Toronto, for one day, acts of kindness were done for others. I would hope this isn’t just a one shot sort of a thing, that it could go on for more than just one single day, but it was nice to hear the reporter on the Toronto news reading the Tweets from the random acts of kindness that were happening.


My feelings on Toronto as a city run deep, but I know it has a great respect around the world, for its multiculturalism. I hope this, in itself, helps people to realize we are all human and deserve the same kindnesses shown to us all.

For gestures put forth and peaceful acts, amongst so much nasty rhetoric and angry attitudes throughout the world.

First, mid week, it was nice to see Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, taking one day off during his trip to Japan, to celebrate his anniversary with his wife.

Many thought this worth commenting on, criticizing, but I was glad to see that he values his relationship with his wife, while still performing his duties for Canada.

But then came the real uproar, at the end of the week, when President Obama visited the site of the bombings, on Japan, at the close of World War II.

Misinformation spread like wildfire, that he was offering an apology. He was simply pausing, at a place of great significance and destruction, while already in the country on official business.

It was the respectful thing to do. I know all the arguments, I realize I didn’t have loved ones directly affected by Pearl Harbor, but I know when peace is called for. I’m thankful he made the gesture.

For several more steps forward in the planning and execution of this podcast idea with my brother.

We did a trial run and it was not bad, but I couldn’t truly focus until I was happy with the name and then my brother’s friend reminded us of something memorable, an image that comes to his mind when he thinks of our family: Ketchup on pancakes.

That’s right. It’s a family favourite around here, for breakfast, or whenever.


Our podcast is officially “Ketchup On Pancakes”.

So now we think we’ve figured out the microphone issues, settled on a catchy name, and have begun a proper outline for our introductory episode. We hope to record next week. I am excited and just hope my brother doesn’t get sick of me too quickly, as I can actually see this podcast going somewhere in time.

For a rebounding, a super positive, as in my latest violin lesson.

Sometimes, you’re just not feeling it. Other times, everything, the energy in the room, it seems to flow and I leave feeling super pumped about this choice to learn to play the violin at thirty-two years old that I’ve made.

That was the difference between the previous lesson, as I prepared to play Happy Birthday for my sister and this latest lesson, where I felt I could handle it, whatever it may be, and I took in every single word and concept my teacher explained to me.

For the support (past, present, and future) of audacious women writers, editors, dreamers who make their dreams come true and who show me guidance and kindness along the way.

Every week, twice a week, I read one particular website religiously. I have been trying to get a feel for the sorts of essays they publish, in the hopes of writing one. I have the idea all ready to go and again, this week, I came across one essay and it spoke to me, being about a similar topic.


Well, the editor of the site has been supportive of me submitting (actually resubmitting, as I was rejected early on, but feeling more and more confident to try again), as she seems to be encouraging me to give it another shot.

And, of course, there is my long developing support from an editor who reads my blog occasionally, who has followed my progress, and sounded intrigued about the podcast.

Change It Up Editing


For the premiering of a brand new website, publication, and a truly panoramic take on literary travel writing

Panorama: The Journal of Intelligent Travel

The word “panorama”, as I’ve understood it in the past, seemed out of my reach, as something visual. Now, I see things differently with this project,, begun and run, in part, by my writing mentor.

I may actually have used the following quote before, but again it fits. It is all about the writing, the courage, the courage to write.

“Writing is the only thing that when I do it, I don’t feel I should be doing something else.”

—Gloria Steinem


16 thoughts on “TToT: Greatness, Audacity, Tragedy – “Wow and Flutter” #10Thankful

  1. Parents, A/C, TVO and new endeavors – great list! I’ve been a bit disgusted with articles debating Trudeau’s choice to celebrate his anniversary. It has zero effect on the lives of Canadians so it’s simply none of our concern.

  2. dyannedillon says:

    I’ve reached the point where I am having to take care of my parents instead of the other way around, but they deserve it; they’ve done a lot for me over the years.
    A/C is always a thankful.
    Love the name of the podcast, although the actual THING kind of grosses me out. I don’t like pancakes anyway, so adding ketchup doesn’t help!
    People just love to get worked up over inconsequential things, like prime ministers who enjoy spending some time with their spouse or presidents who know it’s right to honor someone else’s great loss, and they should concentrate on things like acts of kindness.

    • Thank you. Glad you like the name.
      Well, the combination as a breakfast sounds different to many people, but I want to work to show that different doesn’t always have to equal bad.
      I understand though that Ketchup on anything isn’t for everybody.

  3. Thank you Kerry for the link to Lidia. She uses the term “misfit” but it could just as well be “outsider”.
    Very sad news. One of the perks of being manager of a record store in the 80’s was getting free cds from the label reps. I still have the one from the then new band, Tragically Hip.
    “Sometimes, you’re just not feeling it. Other times, everything, the energy in the room, it seems to flow”
    I hear ya Kerry! Keep it up. Don’t stop playing the violin. One day you’ll be able to say “oh, I don’t know, been playing about 30 years”.
    Glad to hear it’s all coming together for the Podcast. How exciting! You’ve got a lot of creative irons in the fire. Good for you for having a constant supply of kindling:)

  4. Glad to hear that you’ve decided to stay with the ‘home town favorite’ of (possible) names for your podcast.
    It’s weird but while the ‘picking of names’ looms huge in the process of creating something (that requires a name), podcast, blog, stories, the ‘right one’ is always the one that you feel. You feel the energy, the enthusiasm, the passion that is a part of the thing that needs a name.
    (be sure to include plenty of links and/or notifications when the first episode goes live… am a little technically-challenged, as odd as that may sound and look forward to following ‘your story’

    • Exactly. It just feels right to me. Thank you. I will make sure I do that. There should be something for everybody, as we cover lots of different topics. We just needed the basic structure and theme. That will be our sibling relationship, which won’t ever change.

  5. Kristi says:

    I visited Hiroshima several years ago, and was so impressed by the lack of blame, and the focus on peace. The visitor’s center was welcoming to all, and the coverage of the events seemed balanced and fair.

  6. I had no idea that you were from Ontario. Me too! I feel so sad about Hugh. I grew up listening to his music. I think it’s freaking amazing that he is going out on tour. Damn cancer.
    Despite my squawking, our AC went on too. I’m cold blooded but I am outnumbered. We went right into summer.
    I absolutely adore the name of your podcast. LOVE! It is so unique!

  7. What a wonderful quote you ended with. I always feel as though I learn something from you, which somehow edifies or improves upon my day. Thank you.

    YAY to you settling on a name for your podcast, and how lovely that Toronto promoted random acts of kindness in such a glorious way 😀 That’s awesome. I wish more cities would do that.

    I’m glad you’re striving towards finding your place in the world. I think you’ve changed a lot in the time I’ve known you here, and it seems as though you’re taking more chances and creating more opportunities for yourself. I’m reminded of the definition of courage that goes “it’s feeling afraid and doing it anyway”.

    • Well let’s hope that quote is true, as I am often afraid.
      Thanks and same goes to you.
      Yes, it was nice to hear people doing good for others.
      I am definitely making more of an effort to try new things. I just hope it results in visible changes and forward moving momentum.

  8. The thing about parents is that we don’t see our kids as undeserving – not at all. You are lucky to have and appreciate such a wonderful pair. Looking forward to your podcasts – please make sure I don’t miss them! (I miss so much…)
    I am also grateful for my AC for the same reasons – no spring, then SUMMER. Ugh. Is it fall yet? 😀

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