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What Is Red? #TGIF #FTSF

We were right in the middle of recording “Ketchup On Pancakes,” our first ever episode of the podcast we’re attempting together the other night, when my younger brother asks me:

“What does the colour red look like anyway?”

He’s asking me a question about colours (what is my favourite colour) because he knows I love them and always did. He knows I could see them at one time. He never could.

Just like when we were children and I was his “more knowledgeable big sister,”


he again asks me a question, thinking I might know the answer.

So much of the world I do not understand. So much divisiveness and arguments, things being made a lot more complicated than they probably need to be, and I couldn’t answer “why” to any of it. I couldn’t when we were kids, certainly not. I can’t now either.

Something as basic as “what does colour look like?” Oh, I wish I could explain it. How I wish I could help you see.

It’s words like fiery, passionate, bright, attention-grabbing. It’s apples and hearts and love.

Wait no it’s not. Not really. I use those words, as a writer, to help give concrete images as offerings, but holding an apple in his hand won’t help him really understand. I know. I’ve been there. I’m there now. I won’t patronize him like that, just to give a response where one falls so far short.

But wait just a minute!

It’s a concrete association. That’s his best way of associating something as visual as a colour, with something solid he can hold in his hand.

It’s my own sadness and frustration with a thing I’ve loved, which has slipped from my mind’s grasp.

When I close my eyes, I see those colours I used to know so well. When I try hard I see them. I’ll never forget them. I hope. I hope. I try to reassure myself.

When my brother has no memories of colour, I don’t know how to help him understand, a job I still take rather seriously as his older sister. I will always take that job seriously. I will never stop trying.

I ask him today if he knows that Ketchup is red.

“Well, that’s the colour of tomatoes,” he replies back,” so makes sense.”

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12 thoughts on “What Is Red? #TGIF #FTSF

  1. Describing what a color looks like sounds really hard. It’s like describing what something tastes like to somebody who has never tasted it. You can give similarities or say that fruit tastes like sunshine but what does that mean? Thanks for co-hosting with me this week. I love the prompt!

  2. There’s a guy on Youtube who I follow – Tommy something-or-other – and he has a channel which addresses a lot of the questions which blind people have to field, and attempts to redress some of the misconceptions. He covered this topic once. It’s absolutely fascinating (to me) to hear his perspective, as his world (and, I suppose, yours and your brother’s) is utterly, utterly beyond my capability to comprehend.

    I think that’s where many of the pitfalls arise – we’re on the same planet but in utterly different worlds, and we need this dialogue, however stilted, to build bridges between the two.

    Wonderful sentence starter, Kerry 🙂

  3. I love this piece so so much. Interestingly I was thinking about the question of describing the essence of color as I worked on my piece this week! I’d describe red as the color that feels like fire feels. Like passion feels. Like cherries taste. 🙂

  4. Dashy says:

    What an intriguing thought! How can one describe what a colour looks like? Perhaps we could call it darker, or brighter..or more brilliant as a comparison? Nice take on the prompt.

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  6. upasna1987 says:

    Its good of you that you take this job seriously and try your best to convert color into sound or feel. Apt write up for the prompt Kerry.

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