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Things You Shouldn’t Say/do To a Blind/VI Person

These things may seem obvious, but they aren’t to all.

Life of a Blind Girl

Hello everyone and welcome back to Life Of a Blind girl.

I am really excited about today’s post, it is a collaboration with one of my best friends My Blurred World. She is an amazing person and her blog is fabulous too so make sure you head on over there! Some of you may remember our previous collab The VIP Daily living tag we really enjoyed doing that one and we both got a good response so thought we’d do another collaboration for you all!

As you can tell from the title, this post is ‘things you shouldn’t say/do to a blind/VI person’. This post is not to insult anyone, wE both want to raise awareness of blindness/visual impairment and disability on our blogs so we thought this was a good way of doing this. We’ve come up with 6 points each so make sure you go over to My…

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