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New Research Resource: The Maclean’s Archive Goes Online

Interesting reference to the past. An entire century has gone by.

Doing Our Bit

First World War Researchers take note: over 1300 issues of Maclean’s magazines are now online in the brand new Maclean’s Archive. The issues from 1914 through 1918 feature an interesting mix of current affairs articles, opinion pieces and fictional stories. Many, such as If Canada Were Invaded (October 1914), offer a uniquely Canadian perspective however there are also many articles penned by authors and journalists from the neutral side of border.

Browsing the issues from August 1914 onwards shows that the war coverage was slow to start but that it was engaged on all fronts by early 1915. It was also interesting to see how advertisers, cautious at first, soon adapted their copy to suit the general public’s initial fascination with all things military, although perhaps not to the same degree as some of the ads appearing in the local papers.

I’ve not had time to browse all the Great War issues…

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