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When People Say ‘You Don’t Look Like You’re Blind’

More awareness must take place.

Featured Article on The Mighty

Not every disability is visible. Image "able bodied" icon reflected as the international handicap wheelchair icon “not every disability is visible”

Recently I became a contributor for The Mighty an online community of people who share their stories of serious health conditions, disability, disease and mental illness. The article below is my latest entry on the source of my sight loss and life after the “there’s no more we can do for you” conversation.

It was a little over 48 years ago when I put on my first pair of eyeglasses, and the feeling of seeing clearly for the first time was indescribable. The transition was like leaving a dark movie theater and stepping outdoors on a bright sunny day. My eyes needed time to adjust to everything suddenly appearing clear and focused.

For 36 years, I enjoyed perfect vision provided I wore corrective lenses. That all changed 11 years ago with two words: macular hole. It began when I removed one of my…

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