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For the Benefit of Those Who See

This is exactly what we need more of.

Adventures in Low Vision

Black cover with multicolored words form the cover of Rosemary's Mahoney's For the Benefit of Those Who See.Curiosity thrives around what goes unseen. I spent hours under anesthesia for eye surgery. All lost time. No recordings from the OR, but still I wish to watch one. This wish resurfaced when I read about an eye surgery told by Rosemary Mahoney in her book, For the Benefit of Those Who See: Dispatches from the World of the Blind. The procedure showcased the delicate nature of eyes. From there Mahoney takes the reader on a trip to meet blind students in the Braille Without Borders (BWB) program in Tibet and to teach English at its school in India. The account filled with personal experience and interviews as well as history becomes an insightful journey.

Mahoney’s immersive first-person writing style drops the reader into environments alongside people she encounters. She illuminated situations like navigating a bustling city with vision loss with clarity. While my vision loss makes me wonder…

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