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Will It Sink Or Will It Float? #Compassion #FTSF

It was an old David Letterman segment.

It’s a game my little nephews and niece like to play, at the beach, the river, or in a bucket full of water out on my back deck. They are five and younger and the question is huge in their minds. It’s a scientific experiment, though they do not recognize it.

Will an object float or sink when dropped in water?

If a stone is dropped into a body of water, what will happen? Can we predict the outcome?

Well, it’s heavy and will sink, right?

When a stone is dropped, it causes a ripple effect as it goes, spreading outward. Drop is better than throw.

We are always lecturing little children that they are not to throw things, right?

Someone could get hurt. Where would our responsibility for that fit into a wider narrative of the world and the events currently going on in it?

I ask many questions here, some I know actual answers for, but most I do not. I am left with more questions than answers lately it seems.

So, toss or drop. Minimize any potential harm to anyone else in the act of throwing, right?

So many people are harmed in that process of throwing a stone and waiting for the ripples to spread wide. I am impatient in the waiting for the ripples, but I fear them too.

What effect will they have? Sometimes, there is a risk of negative ripple effects. I cower from this possibility. I wait for the good ripples to spread.

Ripples of hate and fear.

Ripples of compassion and kindness and love.

Which ripples will win out?

Will humanity float or will we sink under the weight and the pressure of so many stones?

This has been a question filled/answerless edition of Finish the Sentence Friday:

Finding Ninee

with her take (and mine) on “the ripple effect”.


14 thoughts on “Will It Sink Or Will It Float? #Compassion #FTSF

  1. I have to believe that the love ripples will float and that the hate ones will sink. It’s hard though, especially when ripples of cruelty show themselves to us, whether from being in the news or in life… I think what I’ve decided is that the ripples of grace when the hate is on is the only way to move forward. But yeah, it’s a hard world this one. xoxoxo to you as always my friend.

  2. tamaralikecamera says:

    It’s funny because I read this, twice, and could have sworn I responded. Maybe in a dream, full of ripples and sinks and floats.
    2016 has been fairly alarming towards my view on humanity, but then I think about everyone I know in person and I feel a lot better.

  3. I firmly believe that the ripples of hope and kindness will win out – the others will die off, burdened by the weight of hate and mistrust.

  4. hillarysavoie says:

    I also have to believe in kindness and love–that that is the general direction of the universe. At the same time, history has shown us that sometimes hate floats for a time, before sinking.

    • I look back at history and hope for change to come. The phrase about history repeating itself is said often, but I believe we can and must learn from the past. Good luck to us all that we do.

  5. Very interesting post Kerry. Especially found it interesting to think that some people could be harmed in that process of throwing a stone and waiting for the ripples to spread wide – I took that to mean the people throwing the stone, that throwing the stone can cause us harm, but rereading I’m not sure that’s what you meant but that people can be harmed as the ripples spread. Either way it means we need to take care!

    • I meant it all those ways Yvonne.
      That’s why I like writing. Any reader can take what they will from my words. Sometimes I want to be direct in what I am saying, but other times I think it’s good to leave a broad interpretation. All that stuff about throwing stones and spreading ripples is such a broad subject matter. We just need to be more aware. That’s all. Thanks for reading and offering your views. I always appreciate hearing them.

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