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Happy Places

It’s the perfect night for this. Could sure use my happy place right about now.

Baby Gates Down

So this came on the radio tonight as I was driving the girls somewhere:

And I was immediately seven years old again.

And underwater.

And. So. Happy.

My parents used to take us to open swim every weekend at this pool that used to play music through the underwater speakers.

And when I wasn’t playing in the hot tub, or racing between the sauna and the pool with my father because I’d been told switching between hot and cold was “good for the pores”, I was underwater in the main pool, by the speaker, listening to the music.

Floating, weightless, the rest of the world muffled, except for the music.

It was pure bliss.

And this is the song I associate with that feeling.

Because at the time, it was big, and playing on the radio every weekend we were there.

I could feel myself smiling – and relaxing – in the car…

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