Meeting on Match

During the weeks now I have decided to take a break from blogging myself, focussing on my writing for other avenues, but I still like to share posts like this when I find them because they are about things that matter and things that I believe must be addressed.


My husband and I have been married now for four-and—half years, but I will never forget the pitted fear that I would never find a husband, marrie, and have children because of my blindness.  How would a guy ever see past my disability and view me desirably and as an equally contributing partner?  I had dated both sighted and blind men, but I am well aware that a significant amount of men in high school and college probably never gave me the time of day because I was blind.

I have learned that I was far from alone in my fear.  Just yesterday I read in my Facebook feed that a friend was cruelly told point blank by a guy that he could never dream of even contemplate dating her because she was blind.  As I read this, I felt a sharp stab of rejection, and honestly can’t stop thinking…

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