Abby Style #AbbyOnTheMove

Our Mission is to demonstrate that more awareness needs to take place for visual impairment and blindness.


I visited my local salon,

Glow Hair Studeo/The Closet

run by my own cousin, who knows her stuff when it comes to fashion, beauty, and style.

She knows me and does her best to make me feel like I belong when I am there. Sometimes, I just want to have my hair done up and styled, something I kind of wish I had every morning when I woke up.


There are many myths, stereotypes, and misguided beliefs about people with disabilities, visual impairment and blindness specifically.

We can’t see what we look like; thus, we couldn’t possibly have much to say about how we look.



This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Sure, when I go there, I sit in the chair and draw a blank to the question I know is coming.

Of course, she asks it anyway: what was I thinking for a hair cut?

I never seem to have a real answer for her. I still want to look nice, stand out, show off a little. I want to make a statement, even if I am somewhat unclear on what that might be.


It doesn’t even really make perfect sense in my own mind, but it’s real. It’s true. It’s there.

Stephanie of


had the idea to create an image of visually impaired, female empowerment.

This is “Abby On The Move”.

She isn’t afraid or hesitant about using her cane to help her step out into the world, stand out, and love life.

She doesn’t let insecurities about moving through the world stop her by allowing uninvited thoughts about what other people are thinking, about the inevitable stares that will occur get in the way and make hiding away feel like the only option.

She makes her way around the US and Canada now, educating people about her message of tolerance and equality.

She is making an appearance in all sorts of public locations.

For my part, I decided to combine the message we’re trying to promote with Abby, with my attempt to show that beauty, fashion, and style aren’t only for sighted women.

If you want to follow our collective journey, search #AbbyOnTheMove on social media.


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