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To See You Again, #SongLyricSunday

There is a commercial for the province of Ontario’s lottery with a phone call between a granddaughter and her grandmother. In it, the twenty-something female granddaughter calls up her grandma, who presumably lives far away. The grandma asks when her granddaughter is coming to visit and the granddaughter announces that she’s won Lotto 649 and so all the family will actually be coming for a visit.

Those who live in Ontario may have seen this one, but everyone else likely have not.

Well, my assumption is that when most people see that commercial, it’s supposed to make them long to find themselves big winners some day too. When I see it, all I think is that I would trade all the money in the world for another moment with my grandma.

The old woman in the ad sounds a little like her. I think about my life these past eleven years, since losing her on July 28, 2005 and I miss her. I miss all my grandparents and the wisdom and love they always gave to me so freely.

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Far Away – Chantal Kreviazuk

***Which leads me to this week’s prompt: Post a song about missing someone you love.  Let’s let them know how much we miss them and can’t wait to see them again.***

Helen’s propt for the week.


Make me believe in you
Honestly for real, one thing true
Take me in, in your arms
Wandering alone seems so far
Let me know that you made it as far as forever, oh whoa
Let me know that you hear when I cry if you can
You’re far away from me
You’re far away from me
Come a little closer
Just a little, oh
Let me know heaven sees
Shines on life our memories
Mmm, make me feel all that you are
Angel child or a radiant star
‘Cause I know that we?ll meet up again in forever. oh
Let me know you?ll be waiting for me in the end
You’re far away from me
You’re far away from me
You’re far away from me
Come a little closer
Just a little


When I saw the prompt I immediately thought of those who are no longer living, as opposed to those who are just across the country, an ocean, or on the other side of the globe.

I don’t really have that. I have my living loved ones mostly nearby, but the above song popped into my head.

This brings up incredibly complicated matters including death and religion. I wonder about the religious beliefs my grandparents had. I think about the idea of ghosts, a scenario in which my relatives long gone could feel like they are still nearby. I feel the distance, the gap, and when Chantal Kreviazuk sings:

“Let me know that you made it as far as forever,”


“Let me know if you hear when I cry if you can”

I wonder and I ponder and I wonder some more.

I miss you all. Wish you were hear for one more talk, one more hug, one more moment in time.

I wonder where people go when they die, but I think I know the answer.

“Let me know heaven sees. Shines on life our memories.”

It’s that they are gone and not gone at the same time. Just out of reach.


7 thoughts on “To See You Again, #SongLyricSunday

  1. I haven’t heard of the singer, but she has a beautiful voice. I was completely captivated. It’s strange how everyone’s missing someone is entirely different. I haven’t had many people in my life pass on who were really close to me, but I understand what you are saying. Thanks so much for sharing this amazing song as well as your thoughts. 🙂

  2. upasna1987 says:

    Grandparents are real blessings…I miss them too. I feel good looking at the photos of the past. They seem so fresh sometimes.

  3. Beautiful song. I always envied kids in grade school who had their grandparents. I never knew mine so i dont feel a loss but sometimes I wonder if I missed out on something

    • You can’t miss something you never had. I think of that statement when reading that you never had grandparents growing up. Not sure I agree fully, but I see the point. I watch my parents interacting now with my niece and nephews and it brings me great joy and reminds me deeply of the past. My niece loves my mother in the same ways I loved my mother’s mother.

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