Author Interview – Hastywords – Darker Side Of Night & Depression’s Dance

Related to the interview I shared yesterday. Two talented ladies with a special connection and a gift with words.

toofulltowrite (I've started so I'll finish)

Hey there everyone.

Today I’m going to be interviewing a published author, artist, devoted Mom and incredible poet. She has just come off the back of winning an award at the recent BlogHer16 Conference and is responsible for the phenomenal BeReal series that has focused on letting people express themselves and tell us what being real means to them.

Before we start the interview, please take a moment to check out the BlogHer & GoDaddy initiative “The Pitch” which Hastywords herself has participated in. At the BlogHer16 Conference in Los Angeles, they invited attendees to join them to pitch their innovation, business, blog, or big idea for a chance to be published on the SheKnows Media website. Participants had 30 seconds to pitch on the spot, and the race against the clock proved to be both challenging and exhilarating for all of those who entered. SheKnows Media have now narrowed…

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