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My Blue Period and My Decade Adrift: Water, Water Everywhere

This is my blue period.


Get it?


My decade adrift.

I was curious, so I shared it on Facebook and asked people what they thought it looked like. I got responses, from such things as the ocean, a local pond near my house, to a fish tank.

This was my first real attempt at visual art since losing my colours and the amount of sight I had growing up, which allowed me to explore my love of art.

Childlike, perhaps, but I have learned that art can mean many things, all different to each individual who looks upon it.

Having children in my life these last five years has allowed me to open up to all that art and creativity can mean.


and her blog

are hosting an August Art Challenge and I wanted to be able to contribute art that wasn’t writing.

Not that writing isn’t awesome and everything, but I missed the art of my childhood years.

The prompt she had for the other day (which today’s post will have to do to fit with) was “water, water everywhere” and I have a lot to say, in words and more, about that.


9 thoughts on “My Blue Period and My Decade Adrift: Water, Water Everywhere

  1. Kids are wonderful inspiration. I often ask people to do different social exercises in my work …. Doesnt matter which exercise it is but if it involves anxiety for them i will ask people to approach it like they are six or seven years old. It is so freeing! Im gonna post my picture as promised! Mine is more my psychedelic period!!!
    I am reminded of a time on the ocean in a boat and being on the water during a storm when I look at your drawing. That was one of my happiest experiences (i know you think i’d be terrified right?) But your picture brings me right back to that day….i guess that means it makes me happy!?

    • Thank you Ivy. I am glad I could recreate that memory for you through my first real drawing in years. Stormy seas is a great way to describe what I drew. Thank you. We could all do to remember more of what it was like to be a child.

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