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Release The Hounds, #DoTheBartMan #TheSimpsons #SongLyricSunday

When I was a kid, I thought


was the coolest thing around.

This was back in the early nineties when the show was in its infancy and had its best years ahead of it. So much fun and laughter to come. I couldn’t possibly imagine.

Contrasting, Blues and comedy.

So many memories, moments of sibling enjoyment of this family and the jokes, from their family to my own. My brother and I were big fans. My brother and sister and I still quote the show to this day, to the total befuddlement of many.

Back during a time when I had my own child’s experience of feeling blue, which would grow and change as I myself would grow.

I would see what it meant to have the blues, what that would mean for those I loved, but The Simpsons would always be there to provide a laugh when I truly needed it.

Its bright colours were happiness to me, for many years, practically the opposite of the blues for many years, until I could no longer see the television, Homer’s blue pants, Lisa’s red dress, and that iconic couch.

So, for this week’s

Song Lyric Sunday,

I wanted to share my favourite Blues album here, rather than only one song. I really am not up on my blues.


I thought maybe nobody else would think to post this.


4 thoughts on “Release The Hounds, #DoTheBartMan #TheSimpsons #SongLyricSunday

  1. 1st: Song Lyric Sunday is a thing? I’m so checking that out! Next: I LOVED this album. Surrounded by Idiots was my favourite. I never knew more than I knew at 13. Which is pretty much when this album came out. Looking back, I know those two facts are correlated – but I will always love Mr. Burns. Release the Hounds! – “What happened to the instruments?” “I believe they call it a breakdown.” “I can’t have any breakdowns, play something!” Yes! Thanks for the smile.

    • Yes, it absolutely is a thing. Hope you’ll consider checking it out sometime.

      Love him too. One of the best characters ever created.

      Glad I could bring back some memories for more than just myself with this.

  2. I wasn’t allowed to watch the Simpsons when I was growing up, so I completely missed out on it. I’ve tried to watch it since, but it never really caught on. I’m wondering if it would have been different if I had actually watched it when I wanted to. 🙂

    I love when someone posts things I wasn’t expecting. Thanks so much for this! It was fun to listen to. 🙂

    • I know a lot of people whose parents wouldn’t let them watch. It was a big part of my own childhood, so hard to imagine it wasn’t that way for everyone. Glad you enjoyed it now then.

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