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TToT: Da Da Da, Sa Sa Sa – Black Moon Yonder, #10Thankful

Here’s a little flashback to finish off the week and begin a whole new one.

me on bike

For the record, I don’t generally like motorcycles. They are loud and they make me nervous, but this one wasn’t moving.

I’m not enjoying this perpetually dreary start to October. I haven’t been enjoying this cold I’ve picked up and had for over a week now. And I’m certainly not and never have been enjoying the nonsense of the US election, as they count down, one more month to go.

Music will help. Music and good deeds and fresh fruit.

I am thankful for all the beautiful violin music that author Anne Rice shares on her Facebook page.

I much prefer this version to the original Coldplay song.

It’s a shame Anne Rice has quit posting political articles and she doesn’t even attempt to have discussions about politics right now. I miss her views, though I didn’t have to deal with all the nasty comments. Her page, her rules.

I’m glad she still shares music though, mostly violin stuff.

I am thankful for rough bikers.

me with bikers

I used to hang out with quite the group, wouldn’t you say?

This was who sponsored my trip to California when I was sixteen, through
The Sunshine Foundation, Canada.

I am glad to see bikers, somewhere out there, are doing it again. This is where “don’t judge a book by its cover” couldn’t be more applicable.

A Cycle Broken – The Guardians of the Children

I am thankful that, despite my cold symptoms being rather irritating, the second episode of the podcast
Ketchup On Pancakes
is complete and we’ve beat our previous episode
(Episode 1: Intro To Us)
by extra time, going more like 70 minutes, instead of the previous one hour.

We went over time, but it is a good episode, which includes us adding in more sound and effect, compared to our first try.

We plan to create a shortened, all make-it-up-as-we-go-along episode next time though.

Actual new episode still to come in the next week or two.

I am thankful for an interview I finally got posted.

The Other Awkward Age: My Interview with Jennifer Niesslein

I am thrilled about this actually and have been for some time now.

I should have had this posted a while ago, but I was so over-the-moon that Jennifer had agreed to be a featured guest on my blog, that I wanted it to be perfect.

It’s up now and she even shared it with her Facebook friends/followers too. She has been so open to speaking with me. I try not to come off like too much of a stalker, but I really admire the work she does.

I am thankful for help in making it look more visually appealing.

My sister helped me to make the interview stand out from my usual blog posts.

I am thankful, though this cold has been bothersome, that it’s starting to ease up.

Thank goodness for tissues.

I am thankful for the black moon.

It was the perfect way to say goodbye to September and usher in October.

The Dark Side of the Moon

I am thankful for the autumn arrival of my favourite in-season apples.


This is my diet for the time being. What else do you need?

I am thankful for a rather productive weekend, even with everything.

And finally this evening, I am thankful for
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
and another new episode, because he makes me laugh, even when talking about some pretty crappy things.

Off to see if I can find his latest thoughts on the week that just was.


10 thoughts on “TToT: Da Da Da, Sa Sa Sa – Black Moon Yonder, #10Thankful

  1. OH WOW! You are SO COOL with those bikers! Did you get to ride with them, even though you’re not keen on motorbikes? I do love that so many bikers seem to be tough on the outside and lovely and loving on the inside. They have this big ol reputation, and I guess in some cases it’s deserved but I think largely not.

    There’s a cooking show here called ‘The Hairy Bikers’, and it’s these two northern chefs on motorbikes who travel around finding wonderful food to experience and try cooking.

    • Ah, largely, yes. I do love when travel and food are put together.
      No, I was chicken to ride, so I just sat when it was parked. The sound. The openness and vulnerability. No. Just, no.
      Then my ex had some sort of motorbike thing that he loved and I never could go on that either, even though his father, who had one too, tried to convince me. Ha.

  2. Also, I saw something which said something about the black moon, but I TOTALLY missed what it was all about. And yeah. SO with you on hating the cold *currently wrapped in a blanket, with feet like ice blocks*

    • Yes. Well, we’ve lucked out this week. It’s much warmer today, but this will change again by week’s end.
      Stay warm. Blankets are a must, especially for me who refuses to turn on my heat yet.

      • I’m lucky – in my house the heating has already been turned on by WonderAunty. But I still have blankets and a hot water bottle 😉

    • Thank you for that. I will check it out. I always try to include a photo when I can, on my blog, for my mostly sighted readers.
      I do love the opposite of seasons from northern to southern hemispheres.
      It’s wondrous to think of the differences happening on the other side of the world.

  3. dyannedillon says:

    The only thing to make that apple any better is some caramel dip!
    When my son was in orchestra in high school, they played Viva La Vida and I loved it!

    • Oh Nooo!
      Think we’ll have to agree to disagree on that one. I think nothing can improve something that comes from nature like that and I wouldn’t want to spoil its natural flavours, but I see where you are coming from.

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