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TToT: Yearnings of the Heart and Soul – Seriously? #10Thankful

Red or blue? Coke or Pepsi? Apple or Android?

What a week. Ruined colours for me forever.

Okay, not really, but my examples do showcase our differences and what separates us, the teams we often feel we’re on and the people we most closely identify with, as opposed to those other people. I wanted to cry all week, but couldn’t quite get the tears to come. So I play this song.

By now, we all know who the next guy in charge of the US is going to be, and he’s eating that worldwide attention up like we all knew he would. Then Leonard Cohen died. People say these things are final and we must get over it, well that first one, and so I can’t simply listen to a song like Don’t Worry, Be Happy and accept the way things in the world seem to be going. I am afraid of that and I’m afraid I can’t.

Saturday Night Live found the best way to help out the grieving Americans and to pay tribute to a favourite poet/artist at the same time.

Then there is this song which comes from the “This American Life” series:


I was afraid of where this election was leading and this song is the perfect mixture of intense jazz, sad realism, lyrics that make me want to cry and cry out because I don’t know what has gotten into the US and not just them. I am critical but I know that if it were happening here in Canada, I wouldn’t want to be forgotten and forsaken. I would want help in understanding and whatever else and these things tend to spread eventually anyway and already seem to be doing just that. My knowledge of history has me rooted in fear and apprehension, but thankful to be Canadian at this time. I feel powerless amongst my existing and somewhat even more clearly defined thankfuls.

I’m thankful for the chance to express my thoughts and distract myself with a task during the night of the US election.

We thought we would do a before/after, from our Canadian perspective. Our hope was to focus on a lot of tough issues discussed and a few laughs thrown in there from time to time also, to try and lighten the mood a little wherever possible, but I haven’t been laughing for a while, not about this stuff.

It didn’t look good to me, not from the start, and in that case I did not relish being right with my instincts. We recorded a bit during the night, as the results came in and again the next day, once the results had time to sink in somewhat.

Bad dream or a sign that the end is near? Yes, either way, I had a sound effect for the occasion. If you aren’t sick of hearing about it in a few weeks, our podcast and the third episode should be available on iTunes. After all, we wouldn’t want to forget this event would we? Well, now we have it recorded forever.

I’m thankful the election is over.

I did feel relieved. It was painful and surreal. Now those long months are behind us and the nightmare of the next four years is just beginning.

I’m thankful for The Paris Climate Agreement, a step in the right direction.

So many countries have gone together on this. Who knows what will happen going forward, but I am proud Canada is represented and hopefully doing our part.

And then there’s the setting aside of ocean reserves, with the three oceans Canada exists within and the work President Obama has done. Oil spills, like the one on Canada’s west coast recently, these can do a lot of damage, and hopefully Prime Minister Justin Trudeau understands this. I am proud to be flanked by the three, Pacific, Arctic, and Atlantic.

Whether it’s the ocean in the northern hemisphere or the opposite pole, down at the bottom of the world, I hope we realize how valuable it all is.

I’m thankful that my family reads my blog as much as they can.

And they put up with me and some of the things I say here.

They never quite know what to expect I’m sure and, truthfully, neither do I most times when I sit down to write.

They are incredibly supportive and I can say the things I want to say, though I hope I never hurt any of them too much in the process. I am lucky to be able to speak my mind, as I do appreciate at this time of year.

I’m thankful that I discover new and different music through the music expert in my life.

My brother is the music guy and he has so so many internet radio stations and is always playing something new and different to my ear. This one was just the kind of fast tempo I needed to perk up my spirits. I hadn’t heard anything quite like it.

I’m thankful for strong women who are fighting for women and minorities, even as I feel the bleakness of powerful forces out there.

What Hillary Clinton’s Fans Love About Her

So many wanted to see a female president and a secret Facebook group for her popped up and certainly left a mark.

Then there are wonderful women like this one.

She is a strong woman too and she is leaving her own mark, on me certainly.

I’m thankful for those who fought, though I do find it difficult to wrestle with my conflicted feelings on war and everything that goes along with it.

Leonard Cohen recites “In Flanders Fields'”

Instead of sharing one of his songs, I thought this might be better.

It’s one of my favourite poems, though the subject matter is one I struggle to understand.

I’m thankful for beautiful TToT bloggers and their messages of hope and peace.

Bluebell Sounds,
which sound divine.

Just Remember This,
a kiss is just a kiss.

Cruising Through,
most of us just doing the best we can do, but with lovely memories and photos in this case.

I’m thankful for the peek into the rest of the world from a story I’ve loved since childhood.

‘there’s always more to the story’

This song is for you Clark and for Almira.

I’m thankful for more comedy to keep me smiling.

I love Vince and Jimmy.

I was escaping into some Lord of the Rings movies to distract myself from the things I fear, but the similarities to the power men crave and the ring, a physical symbol of that greed, it was all too obvious. But there is hope amongst the uncertainty.

And so I am determined to end this post on a positive note, among all the bad news, the protests going on around the US, and my spot, from where I sit, feeling helpless, here in Canada.

What are the things that bring us together? These are the things we have in common.

If we cut our fingers, we all bleed.


10 thoughts on “TToT: Yearnings of the Heart and Soul – Seriously? #10Thankful

  1. valj2750 says:

    Oh, Kerry. It is apparent to me that the music you shared is part of the healing of your soul. This are scary times but it is wonderful that we are all trying to put the pieces together. While I will never embrace the outcome of the election, I have a “we shall see” attitude that somehow puts the stress of the last year or so into perspective. Maybe I’m being fatalistic, I don’t know. The song for Clark and Almira is perfect – an updated version of a story in a song. Jimmy Fallon is always a hoot – I loved the clip of him and Vince Vaughn.

  2. James says:

    When the sun set it does eventually come back up.

    I did not put that much focus on the US election mostly because of personal problems in my life that is putting me in a dark place. But what’s done is done. The thing I am more concerned over is our good looking leader. Yes I did vote for him but as a 2nd choice, the man I really wanted to see leading the house sadly past away a few years earlier. RIP Jack. At the moment my views of our current leader is still sitting on the fence. This year I didn’t see much of anything to helpful for us Canadian and that ok so far but starting in the new years me as well as many more will want to see that they did not throw there vote away. So I hope in the new year I will see a leader not a celebritie, a leader that will make his father proud, a leader that will keep and improve this country, economicly, morally and environmentally.

    I do love your interest in politics, there so many who are so shallow that all they here is one word or a phrase and there hook. Or the others who dont care but yet gets mad at there government when something interfere with there life. Lastly focus on your life and not the posable doom and gloom of trump.

    Oh and i do love your music selection for this topic.

    • I wouldn’t go so far as to call it an interest in politics. I hate them actually, but since I am unable to see Trudeau’s dreamy face, I feel I can bypass that stuff and give him the chance he deserves. I hear inclusiveness from him instead of nastiness.
      Thanks for the comment.

  3. perfect (as Val has already mentioned), the song is of course the same song (as the original movie) but the feeling is so much more… optimistic(?) or maybe (to me) less captured by fate.
    excellent choice, K

  4. “Try to draw the line between who you are and who you try to invent”.
    What a fantastic line!
    I think you know by now Kerry, I totally believe music to be the utmost cathartic tool. Then, writing of course 🙂
    I hope this week’s TToT finds your spirits uplifted, the weight of the world drawn down. There are times when you see everything all at once, the implications all at once…and it can be overwhelming.
    I totally enjoyed the eclectica of music choices! And I’m on board with everyone else. Very nice rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow.
    Thanks so much for the shout out too 🙂

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