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The definition of disability…

Yes, yes, and more yes.

My Blurred World

What would you say is the definition of disability? Someone can’t do something because they’re disabled? A part of someone’s life is taken away from them? A personis totally stranded and helpless because of disability? All these points aren’t true and this is what I’m hoping to draw on in today’s post.

People often refer to disability as a disadvantage but is it? I personally see my disability as a positive, it’s given me so many opportunities, of course there are some times when it gets me down but is it really worth dwelling on those moments? Why not look on the positive side of things for once, there is so much negativity in this world nowadays so why look at things and approach things in a negative manner when that can be changed and looked at in a more positive way? It’s hard to focus on the positives sometimes…

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