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Happy Holidays and Traditional Thankfuls, #FTSF #TGIF #10Thankful

One of my favourite Christmas time traditions growing up was to go for a drive on a snowy night to check out all the houses and their lights, coloured or all white. Didn’t matter, not at one time.

This holiday season I still feel grateful for so many things, including the lights of Christmas. It is not so easy to spot houses covered in lights anymore, but I am still thankful. Having traditions at this time of year helps to brighten my mood as the end of another year draws to a close.

And what a year it was.


I am unable to really see this photo now, but sounds nice anyway. Trees. Lights. Snowflakes softly drifting down.

December is here once more. I have a tree-like situation in my living room, lights outside on my house, and snow is starting here in my part of Canada, but all over really.

I am thankful for where I live.

I am thankful because I know Canada isn’t the greatest country in the world, but it is pretty great still. I am happy to see Justin Trudeau using social media, as is how it’s done these days, but he uses it without malice or ugly undertones.

The still current U.S. VP Joe Biden visited Canada this week and spoke to the Prime Minister and the representatives of the provinces, about climate change. It is close to many Canadian’s hearts and on many of our minds, the arctic, pipeline concerns, effects of oil on animal species, and severe weather patterns with melting sea ice. It isn’t so easy to ignore, but I know it isn’t easy to figure out either.

I know a lot of people who live here hate the cold and the snow of the long winter months Canada is so well-known for, but I can’t think of anything better than a still, silent, and snowy night.

I am thankful to have a mother who loves decorating for the holidays and she sets everything up for me, now that I am on my own.

Last year, around this time, our family found ourselves in a frightening situation, likely the most frightening we’d ever experienced, which is saying a whole lot.

It wasn’t so easy and somehow didn’t feel quite so important to decorate for Christmas, while we waited to see what my brother would be like when he woke from a sudden head injury.

Of course, as soon as the shock wore off and things began to look up, family and holidays were once more the priority and felt right to celebrate.

None of us, nobody in fact wants to spend Christmas in a hospital, but they are so nice to have when needed.

I am thankful that I can still see Christmas lights.

Who knows…next year this time…five years from now…ten and beyond. I’m living in the now and enjoying what I have while I have it.

I am thankful for the recognition that is still extremely necessary and is brought into focus on December 3rd, every single year.

International Day For Persons With Disabilities 2016

I am thankful for set plans made this week.

It feels good to see the plans forming officially. It will be here before we know it…before I know it. Preparing. I can and I will do this.

I am thankful for the help I’ve received so I can be comfortable with my stuff I will be taking with me, my ability to read and write, and to just fit in and be another member of the class.

I am thankful for the guidance from my writing mentor, a wonderfully helpful local travel agent, my parents, and all the family members who have been so supportive of me wanting to take on a new adventure in 2017.

I’m thankful for some of the fascinating reading material I’ve received already, reading material about one place in particular where we’ll be during the writing workshop.

I am reading New York Times articles about a place of art and that goes by the name, translated from Spanish, to mean “House of Frogs” I believe. Better than “House of Scorpions” as I am a little more nervous at the thought, ever since I read “The Pearl” in high school.

The Pearl by John Steinbeck

I’m thankful that I sold two more copies of the anthology where my story can be found, from 2015.

After The Scars – A Second Chances Anthology (Goodreads)

One minute, it went from the reading material from off of my shelf, to use for scanner practice, and then suddenly two copies were being requested. A lovely surprise.

In the last month or two I’ve gotten my anthology possibly sent and traveled all the way to Australia and now a copy will surely live at a school for the blind that I did not attend, but I know lots of people who did.

I thought I would combine the TToT this week (after missing last) with Kristi’s
Finish the Sentence Friday.

I will be writing my own brand of a 2016 summary, but I thought I would celebrate a little first.


14 thoughts on “Happy Holidays and Traditional Thankfuls, #FTSF #TGIF #10Thankful

  1. I’m glad you combined and am so glad you can still see Christmas lights. I love them, too. Wow- last year must have been super scary but I’m glad everything turned out well. Biden is so cool – I love that he met with your PM and agree with you completely about a quiet snowy night being perfection. It hasn’t snowed here yet but I’m hopeful that it will soon!

    • Let it snow. Let it snow for Kristi.
      It was a horrible few days there, and such a feeling of leaving my own body and the holiday cheer that was all around me, of which I have always been so eager to dive into. I am glad too that it was relatively short lived.
      On now to better Christmas memories.

  2. valj2750 says:

    There is much depth to all the things on your list. Christmas lights do raise my spirits and somehow give hope to the immediate future. (Don’t know about after January 21st’s inaguration). Merry Christmas, Kerry.

    • I feel you on all of that Val. Looks like we are all in for one wild roller coaster ride of a 2017 and beyond, but I am still glad to have you all and this TToT to visit whenever I am in need of a little reminder of what there still is to be thankful for. Have a lovely holiday.

  3. Speaking of adventures (your travels to come in the new year) how did we get to December so fast!?! I’d swear that it was just July.
    I am one of those who has trouble with cold… I agree with you on the incredible feeling on “ a still, silent, and snowy night.” There is no quiet night like a dead of winter quiet night.
    Have the best of Christmaseses
    look forward to reading your 2016 summary,

    • I know exactly what you mean Clark. This whole adventure has been on my mind constantly, the anticipation of it, so in a way I’d like it to get here and realize it will before I know it. I’ve known about it since about that time in July and I can’t believe it is almost upon me. So much to do in this next month. I love to write my own end-of-the-year summary blog posts, rather than relying on the one which is all images, which Facebook provides. I hope to have time to reflect on all of it and there has been a whole lot. I know you are no fan of the cold, but having both cold and hot gives us a greater appreciation I believe. There is something to that image of the “dead of winter” though.

  4. Kristi says:

    Christmas lights are beautiful. I’m thinking of Christmas lights a little bit differently this year with the #LightTheWorld initiative. The physical lights remind me to be a light to others through service–and that kind of light can be seen with or without physical sight!

  5. I combined the FTSF and TToT this week, too! Your post is so full of wonderful and exciting things, Kerry. And I can’t believe it’s been a year since that time with your brother. Wow!
    Boney M’s song “Mary’s Boy Child” is a favorite of mine and Zilla’s. Do you know it? Check it out. We also love “Feliz Navidad,” but I’ve never heard Boney M’s version! Zilla will enjoy this.
    Christmas lights are a beautiful thing and we’ve always enjoyed driving or walking around to look at them. They are bright and happy and hopeful, for sure.

    • Yes, I saw that. It worked out well to do it that way. Thanks Lisa. We can’t believe it either in my family. Exactly one year ago. What a few weeks that was. I do love that song you suggest. Classic. Perfect for this time of year.

  6. You have such a supportive family and that is a great blessing. Congratulations on a couple more sales of the anthology. I love how quiet and still the world feels when there is snow on the ground. It is so peaceful.

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