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Ketchup On Pancakes – Episode 3: The Great Gong Show of 2016 #election #TBT

For this Throwback Thursday I thought I’d throw it back to last month’s U.S. election.

I know. I know. You’re probably as sick and tired of hearing about it as I am, but this is the world we live in.

I hate politics, but I care deeply about this world we share. Listen to our Canadian perspective, our sister/brother take on the situation:

Ketchup On Pancakes _ Episode 3 – The Great Gong Show of 2016

We promise to return to other, more productive subjects for 2017.


We try to hit on it all and more.

If you are needing a break from all the other noise, check out what we thought on the before/after election special edition of
Ketchup On Pancakes – Facebook
But honestly, I just needed something to distract myself that night and I sensed this outcome we now have. I kept referring to what we now have as the end of the world, but this world goes ever on. And me, as dramatic as ever.


This podcast gave me something to focus on and I hope our unique brand of humour and positivity came through in the end.

What a way to finish off 2016 eh?


2 thoughts on “Ketchup On Pancakes – Episode 3: The Great Gong Show of 2016 #election #TBT

  1. I’m really worried too and I voted and lost and feel helpless. This guy is horrible and it’s just unbelievable that such a hate monger is going to be President of the US. I didn’t see trump winning either. AT ALL. Sigh…

    • Ugh! Horrible. Just horrible. I was watching The Grinch cartoon last night on TV and all that song, I kept thinking, replace the names Mr. Grinch with Mr. Trump and it would be oh so relevant. Only, at the end, one gets a heart and it grows and I so wish that would happen in real life, but reality is is if he hasn’t grown one by his age, the odds aren’t good he ever will.
      We discuss all this and so much more in the episode. I hoped people wouldn’t be turned off by more election talk, but we tried to do it in a listenable way. Lots of Canadians are just as worried and feeling helpless because it’s all so awful. I know lots of people could claim they never believed she was going to lose, but I wasn’t ever truly one of them. That nagging fear and about never left me and I tried to think the best of the world. Wish my instincts had been wrong.

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