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What Was and What Will Be #FTSF

It’s almost 2017 and my neck is growing sore from looking this way and that. I turn my head back to 2016 and marvel at all that was hopeful and positive for me personally.

Of course, the rest of the world seems as out-of-control as ever, if not more so. I can’t say the year has been a bad one for me though. It’s a strange contrasting feeling. As bad as this year has been for many, January of 2017, for a lot of people isn’t looking much better. I can see their point. I plan on leaving all that behind for a week and focusing on my own personal growth and having new experiences.

Then I turn my head the other way and try to imagine the year to come.

I could list a set of goals I have for myself, things I hope to achieve, some I’m even banking on. I have this list in my own head. I just don’t know how to think of the months ahead in tune with those that I have to look back on.

The year 2017 feels like a momentous one, even when I stack the possibilities up against the things I never expected to do this year but surprised myself and did anyway.

I try to keep things in perspective. Sure, 2017 is Canada’s 150th birthday and on June 5th, it will be twenty years since I received a kidney transplant from my father. It still works so well, that I pleasantly surprise myself that everything’s still looking good in there.

I plan to begin 2017 with a BANG, so to speak. I will take a leap of faith with myself and the world. From there, I can’t say what the year might bring.

I turn thirty-three in a few months and I wonder about growing older. One minute I think I am still young and I have lots of time to achieve my dreams. Then, at other less upbeat moments, I think I am past my prime, whatever that was.

I plan to keep taking violin lessons. I want to write and write and write. I hope to submit my writing and take more chances with it, to hell with my fears of rejection or those pesky feelings of never being enough.

To celebrate on June 5th I would love to go zip lining for the first time, with my family all around me, in my favourite place in Canada and in the whole world: Niagara Falls. I am not usually much of a social person, but this time why is it I feel like I want to invite the whole world to join in the festivities?

I feel like I need to top this past year with the year to come, but that’s likely putting too much pressure on myself and on 2017 and might also be putting down the year that just was, which was full of music and writing and a podcast I am so proud of.

In 2017 I am looking forward to having a new niece or nephew and I can’t think of anything better than that, to mark all that is so wonderful about a year like 2017 could be.

Then there are those empty blocks of time, days and weeks and months that are currently a void of the unknown. This feels daunting but doesn’t need to be. It should mean all the possibilities in the world and endless hope.

If I don’t think too hard, which I have trouble with at the best of times, all the scary events that are possible for 2017 in the world remain as background noise. I fear that noise will grow louder and impossible to ignore, but if 2017 turns out anything like 2016 in my own life, I refuse to let reckless world leaders ruin my year. I’ve been waiting for it to arrive for twenty years now.

My thorough, month-by-month breakdown of my 2016 year’s successes and slips is to come here by the end of December.

Also, check out what Kristi from
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thinks of and hopes for, looking ahead to 2017 and beyond.

Happy Holidays, to you and yours.


5 thoughts on “What Was and What Will Be #FTSF

  1. I like the idea of taking a leap of faith into the new year and looking for the positive. Zip lining in Niagara Falls sounds amazing! Do you actually go over the falls? Scary and wow. If you do invite a big crowd, please keep me in mind – I’ve never seen the Falls and Tucker wants to go zip lining. Also, 33 is an awesome age. I think it’s old enough to no longer be dumb but young enough to still be able to do anything. Truly. 🙂

    • I believe it only goes along next to them Kristi.
      Oh no no no. I am making plans, now, and this is a real and true invitation. The more the merrier. I would love it, if I could get my wish, for a big group of people doing that with me, celebrating and trying zip lining. Not sure of the logistics of that, but I would love to see you there and you just have to visit Niagara up close. I mean that most sincerely.

  2. James says:

    Count me in on the ziplining. I did it the first time this summer at bowler mountain, was an exciting experience I do believe you’ll enjoy. So yes I’d would love to try more. As for age were prity much the same age you and me and yes some time’s I feel like I’m getting older faster then the thing’s I would like to do or go. But I try and think of it being that perfect age to be a kid and adult at the same time. I know now I can truly enjoy, marvel and experience the trips and excursion I can go and do. I think ziplining at the falls will bring a perfect example.

  3. Ooh, zip lining at Niagara sounds both exciting and very scary. I admire you hugely for wanting to give that a go, especially with you being blind. Even fully sighted, I think I’d be too scared. I’d never say totally never-ever, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t do it.
    You said on my post that I’d achieved a lot in 2016, but my goodness, so have you! You are so inspiring!

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