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Never Enough, #SongLyricSunday

I guess I don’t have a lot to say, on love, with Valentine’s Day fast approaching.


I choose to remain silent this year, as far as my own love life is concerned, but I have enough past experience to draw upon. No problem.

Song Lyric Sunday, #SongLyricSunday

Well, I know about insecurities in love. I can’t believe there’s one single person who hasn’t felt it. I wonder about some more than others though.


It’s a void a lot of us attempt to fill, but rarely ever is enough enough.


There will be no consolation prize
this time the bone is broken clean
no baptism, no reprise and no sweet taste of victory.
All the stars have fallen from the sky and everything else in between satelites have closed their eyes, the moon has gone to sleep
here I am inside a hotel choking on a million words I said cigarettes have burned a hole and dreams are drunk and penniless
here I am inside my father? arms all jagged-bone and whiskey-dry whisper to me sweetly now and tell me I will never die
here I am an empty hallway broken window, rainy night I am nineteen sixty-two and I am ready for a fight people crying hallelujah while the bullet leaves the gun
people falling, falling, falling and I don? know where they?e falling from
are they unloved….unloved….unloved….unloved
hoping that the kindness will lead us past the blindness and not another living soul will ever have to feel unloved….unloved….unloved….
unloved unloved….unloved

Unloved – Jann Arden/Jackson Brown, Lyrics



So, when I thought of those feelings of never being enough and those all-to-common fears of not being lovable, I went with this old Jann Arden duet I’ve loved for a long time, since I first discovered this songstress of Canada, back in the mid 90s.

If you grew up in a stable and loving family, like I was lucky to have had, it isn’t for lack of being told it. I always felt it.

It’s different with romantic love. It comes with a lot more baggage and demand and distraction and disillusionment. I felt unloved and unlovable by any man and I know part of that was feeling more like someone in need of supervision than as an equal. I have told myself that my blindness was a constant burden and a roadblock to ever being enough. This is where insecurity can haunt you and hold on tight.

I hope it loosens its grip a little.


3 thoughts on “Never Enough, #SongLyricSunday

  1. inkedautist says:

    This is a familiar feeling for me too. I’ve had a few short lived relationships over the years but other than that I’ve been single. It can be difficult but I’ve learned to be OK with it. Here’s wishing you some happiness today.

  2. Wow, this song is beautiful. So sad, but lovely. I’ve had many times in my life where I felt unlovable. Perhaps it’s more of a universal feeling than I ever realized. I hope you find some happiness today as well. Thanks so much for participating and for sharing this song. ❤

  3. We all go through times and experiences in our lives where we feel we are not enough, that no one could ever truly love us as a partner. The more you move on with seeking your own independence and desire to create and share, the more you will come to see yourself in a different, more powerful light. 33, while it probably feels old, is actually very young. I can assure you because of my experience, that there is someone out there who will not see you as someone to be cared for, but rather someone who is made of fire and light and shines brightly in this sometimes dark world! Real love does not see from the outside in, it sees from the inside out, and you are already far more beautiful than you know. Someone is going to find you very attractive, and very worthy of full and complete love! ❤

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