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TToT: Run Time and Take Five – State Smash! #ShePersisted #10Thankful

Another birthday has come and gone and I’m fired up, in a lot of ways and by the positive signs of women persisting, remaining cautiously but still incredibly thankful.


I know, I see, I’m not the only one.

Ten Things of Thankful, #10Thankful

So, to keep things in the proper perspective, I’ll just launch right into what makes me so grateful.


(Makers, all, with Anado McLauchlin.)

I’m thankful for this group.

And for these girls.


I’m thankful for friends, together, in one special spot.

I missed out on seeing for myself just how colourful this place was, but at least I got to take a break, for a minute or two, to sit on the couch with friends.

Thanks, Anado, for letting us into your home.

I’m thankful for newly introduced music, better late than not at all.

RIP Mr. Jarreau.

The guy sure could scat!

Speaking of music and birthdays, I’m thankful to have made it to a year with my decision to learn how to play the violin.

It was on my last birthday that I walked into a music store and rented a violin. I had no idea what I was getting into then. Well, okay, I kind of knew. I knew, but I didn’t really know. Know what I mean?



I’m thankful for a teacher, to take this photo of my re-commitment, one who hasn’t given up on me, even in those moments when I’ve wanted to give up on ever learning a difficult instrument like the violin in my thirties.

She taught me new finger exercises, ways to strengthen my left hand and the fingers on it. I spent most of my anniversary/birthday lesson wishing for new fingers, longer fingers, but I will get there, one day.

I’m thankful for another birthday.


I’m still mulling over what that means, on a practical level of course. I had a rather subdued birthday, after spending a week in Mexico, but it did have its high points.

I had blood taken and both arms needed to be poked. I made a dentist appointment. I drank a lot of tea to fight off the beginnings of a sore throat. I had another bad eye day, noticing how blurry everything looked as I ate lunch out with my father.

I did wonder if I will still see anything by my next birthday. I am not freaked by being one age one day and another the next. I do realize, however, that I am getting older. A lot of things bring this fact home to me. I am trying to still live in the moment and enjoy all that life has to offer, but at a certain point I have to think about the future and what I want, really want and what is good for me.

Everything in life has its Run-Time.

I’m thankful for another successful, triple family birthday celebration.

It got off to a slow start, but really kicked into high gear there.

The lasagna was delicious. The kids were smarter than when we last saw them, all the way back at Christmas, if that is possible.

The best thing about each year I gain since they were all born is getting to see how they grow with every passing year, whomever happens to be the one celebrating the actual birthday.

They are all so creative and full of imagination. We adults have a ball watching them interact with each other and with all of us.

My family and I don’t likely agree on every single thing in life, but we are all pretty in sync on most things that really matter. It makes for a lovely coming together of the minds, not to mention senses of humour and attitudes on life.

There is always just the right amount of nostalgia and, this year, there are plans in the works for zip lining in Niagara Falls this spring.

Who else can you count on to try something as thrilling as zip lining with you, on a day that matters greatly to you, but your family? Mine are the best for those sorts of things.

It’s fun to sing Happy Birthday to three people at once. I only sing for two.

Happy Birthday Paul/Steve. You both crack me up and are the two best big brothers any thirty-three-year-old could ask for.

I’m thankful for my sister’s help in figuring out what I need to do, as part of taking some of my next, newest steps in my writing.

The writing is one thing. The business side is quite another. It’s all somewhat scary in its own way.

Filling out forms and paperwork is not my thing. Necessary, I realize. I truly appreciate any help I can get.

I am thankful my bracelet was found after I set it down, in my own house, and couldn’t, for the life of me, remember where I’d stashed it.


A few of us got jewelry when we visited Anado’s home. We share this in common now and wanted to commemorate the fact.

I knew I would get home and set mine down somewhere, forgetting where that somewhere was. It scratches against the metal of my laptop when I’m writing, so I take it off, but I don’t like to.

Brian said it sounded like I was Gollum from Lord of the Rings when I couldn’t find it, the bracelet reminding him of “My Precious!” and he had a point.

Thanks to my brother-in-law for spotting where I’d left it. I hope I would have remembered, sooner or later.

Made By Anado

This is my reminder of my time in Mexico. It is more than just any old bracelet. It was made by Anado McLauchlin and it reminds me of the makers of this world. It reminds me, when I hold it, of my purpose. It brings me peace to feel all the different bits of it under my fingertips.

And, finally, I’m thankful that this hasn’t ended.

Very grateful that someone has decided to take over the weekly running of the thankful blog hop, to give its originator a well deserved break.

I would have went ahead with these gratitude posts, one way or another, but it’s nice that it will continue on with more than just this blog.


9 thoughts on “TToT: Run Time and Take Five – State Smash! #ShePersisted #10Thankful

  1. Wow, this was a wonderful birthday/life celebration TToT, Kerry, and I was so happy to see you joining up with us at the new TToT blog! You have so many good thankfuls here, and I applaud you for your “take life as it comes” attitude when I know that is anything but easy at times. It was so fun to get to see the colorful photographs you shared from your trip to Mexico, and the beautiful bracelet you were given. I’ve also been known to put things someplace I’m sure to remember, only to search high and low for them later… like putting down my car keys in the refrigerator when I stopped to get some water on my way out the door. I looked for those a long time that morning!! 🙂 I’m glad your brother-in-law was able to spot your bracelet for you. It does indeed sound like you had a wonderful birthday celebration with family, do all three of you have February birthdays? I’m a little partial to Aquarians for the obvious reason. 🙂 Zip lining as a family adventure, that’s really cool. We will want videos when it happens! Last, but far from least, your violin lessons… we are never too old to learn something new if we are determined, sticking with it a year is an excellent beginning and there will come a day when you will be so glad you gave yourself this gift of making music! The violin is a lovely instrument. WIshing you many blessings and exciting new adventures in the year ahead! ❤

    • Thanks Josie.

      Mexico was a magical week for me. I don’t mind my birthday, not really. I am happy to share it with my older brother, who has his two days before mine, and my oma’s was the day before his. Now that my sister is married, her husband has a birthday on the weekend. We do a giant celebration of all of us.

      Oh, zip lining will definitely make my thankful list when it happens this spring. I can’t wait.

      Though the violin is challenging now, I am determined. It really is a lovely instrument, stunning really, which is why I chose it.

      Thanks again for taking over the TToT.

  2. HB KK!
    Sounds like a very varied celebration. Which probably are the best kind and, in a way, inevitable as the years gather.
    Wait the year, last year… the violin and the trip.n A power of example for all of us who have ambitions, which for most come with uncertainty and hesitation. You did the things you set out to do, but more importantly (imo) you embraced the new experiences. Very cool

    • Thank you for the HBKK Clark. Nobody else quite wished me a happy birthday in that way.

      I always enjoy reading your thoughts on my TToT posts. You have a way with words.

      Appreciate all your support and positive vibes.

  3. James says:

    Glad to hear your multi birthdays went well for ya all. I do also have misplace my car keys from time to time. One of my two set of keys I keep around my neck, if I’m in and out a lot through the day I find it better around my neck then in a pockets or setting aside. As for your bracelet maybe you could slide it on your ankle while your typing.

    Well I do hope you’re victorious over the sore throat.

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