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TToT: Great Grey Elephants On A Cool Grey Morning – Look Up, Not Down #10Thankful

I must admit, the title of this week’s post really has nothing whatsoever to do with any of my ten thankfuls. I just liked the peace I felt when I heard the caption on a post by National Geographic I came across the other day.


I am sneaking this in at the last possible moment because sometimes I feel sorry for myself and the idea of writing about why I am thankful feels like a giant task.

Elegy For The Arctic

So then I kick myself a little, into gear, and I realize those are the times I need to write a
Ten Things of Thankful
more than ever.

Speaking of peace,
there’s this from one of the TToT crew,
which is a post all about where she finds hers.

I’m thankful for her sharing her peace, which is oh so close to mine. I may not see the photos she features, but her descriptions of the beach she encounters are more than enough.

I am thankful for a writing circle (The Elsewhere Region) where a few more new members showed up.

It lead to a spur in conversation and dynamic in the group. Each new attendee brought with them their own story and reasons for why they decided to come, just like I did when I first showed up in that room.

Things were a little more lively than usual and some new writing styles and reading out loud styles. Some will be back and some won’t. That’s to-be-determined.

I am thankful my brother and his band had a successful first show…Riker, who have been practicing in my basement for months now.

I think it is bold to get up, in front of people, and put on such a kickass show as they did. I have had the pleasure of hearing those songs from inception, through all the repetitions needed to get good. Now I look forward to their EP with eager anticipation.

I am thankful for an eventful weekend of music.

This included some karaoke, not by me, but by two members of Riker. At least they chose songs from two worthy bands.

I am thankful a friend could join us for said musical weekend.

It’s been a while. It’s nice to know a friend, so long had, is one who will always have your back in any situation. I haven’t always been worthy of such friendship. I admire this friend’s attitude of not letting the world dictate so much, like I seem to.

I am thankful for my white cane.

I still fight my love/hate relationship with the white cane. I fought it this past weekend in fact. Even with how far it got me, among other things, all the way to my dream of a writing workshop in Mexico recently, I still battled feelings of embarrassment this last weekend.

I used it. It got me safely out to lunch and back. I crossed roads with it. I need it. When I was young I had enough sight to get by with not using it much, but that was then and this is my reality in 2017.

Then something came along to grab my attention and make me see what I have in that “stick,” as so many call it.

I am thankful for perspective.

What’s on Kenyavision?

I am thankful I have even a little bit to give to someone with less.

I was looking for something, painfully moving through my week, and then this happened. I knew Lizzi had been on a work trip to Kenya and that it has had a profound affect on her ever since. I found out what she has been thinking about and I knew I needed to help.

I can’t help much, but with so much going on in the world, out of my control and making my heart hurt I needed to do this.

I am thankful for a brand new song by Lana Del Ray.

The girl doesn’t often brighten things up, not her style, but the music sure does have feeling.

It fit my mood at the time anyway.

And I am thankful for the show This Is Us because it helped me have a good cry, tonight, which I really needed.


6 thoughts on “TToT: Great Grey Elephants On A Cool Grey Morning – Look Up, Not Down #10Thankful

  1. I LOVE that Tears for Fears song – always have. Takes me back to a time long ago…
    You’re so right that the times we struggle to find things for which we are thankful are likely the times we most need to do it. I know that has been true for me. It’s easy to sink into a lament about what is bad in life; it takes strength and character to find what’s good in the midst of it all. Keep focusing on what is good.

  2. I am so glad you were able to get this post done to join us this week. Like everything else, practice makes it easier, and I assure you there are many times that it’s hard for any one of us to come up with ten, when we aren’t even sure about being thankful for one thing. That’s where the magic happens, you get one on the page, then two, and the rest come easier, and by the time you’re done you find you feel a little bit better and are often even smiling. Not all gratitude is happy, happy, either, sometimes it’s just a deeper understanding, like your new appreciation for that white cane. Lizzi’s post was amazing! You had some great music in your life this past week, and it sounds like a really good writing/sharing experience too. I always love how a new person added to the mix perks everyone up a bit, like a new gift being opened and discovered! Your best thankful for the week… a good friend, just one can make all the difference. Blessings to you, I hope this week is a really good one! XOXO

  3. valj2750 says:

    Oh, Kerry. Thanks for mentioning my beach pictures. Beach is to me as music is to you. They both evoke feelings of peace and meditative thought. I have to say that in these horrific US political times, Justin Trudeau is an inspirational speaker whose words I hold unto. Seeing him in a press conference with #notmypresident showed very clearly what could be versus what we’re stuck with. Have a good week. I haven’t had a chance to read Lizzi’s post, so I’m off to do that now.

    • The beach/ocean is pure meditative bliss.

      Yes, I am so happy to be Canadian, I must say. I just can’t become too complacent and comfortable. These things need to be monitored. Leaders have a tough job, running countries and governing, but I firmly believe they must possess compassion for their citizens, not just some, or for their own interests. Power isn’t everything and I included the Tears For Fears song, Everybody Wants To Rule The World, because I think the concept is applicable these days most especially.

      Back to music and maybe some ocean sounds. Must find peace. I think I’ve found some.

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