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TToT: Muddy Puddles and Horizon Blue, #FamilyDay #ClimateChange #GuiltyPleasure #10Thankful

This past week broke records in Ontario, with temperatures well above average for this time of year.


February 20th was Family Day here in Canada and three days later we found ourselves even more of one than we already were.

Ten Things of Thankful #10Thankful

I was going along, having a hard time, with putting one foot in front of the other. Then I found myself, suddenly and pleasantly surprised by just how thankful I could feel again. Spring come early. But…wait…it’s still winter.

This song captures that energy Mya brings into the picture, a fresh and new perspective on so many people and things I was already thankful for. Blue skies as I look toward the horizon.

I was thankful for a violin lesson where my teacher seemed happy with some of the progress I’d made.

I know, for some, it’s hard to see this. I challenge them to pick up a violin and give it a try sometime, to see just what I’m up against. Yet, still I forge ahead with it because it is the most beautiful thing.

I’m thankful for pleasant surprises that come along to remind of what hope looks like.

My sister gave birth a week-and-a-half ahead of her due date. All was well enough, but I am still thankful things went smoothly, once they were helped along some.

I am thankful that my family have each other, that we live in a country like Canada with the healthcare available, and have access to safe medical facilities.


I am thankful for reminders that there is beauty and sweetness, whether that be the sound of a violin or the feeling of peace and calm holding a newborn baby brings.

I am thankful my nephew is a big brother to a beautiful baby girl. He is so proud and, at the same time, indifferent, depending on the moment he’s in, in his four-year-old world.


He can’t wait to be able to play with her, brother and sister, to jump in muddy puddles and go to the park with Grandma and Grandpa.

I am thankful both mother and daughter are doing well.

I am thankful that I get to share a middle name with my niece.

She brought good luck it seems, first with the warm weather on the day of her birth.

Not that I really think such weather is appropriate in February. So many celebrated getting to be out on patios and wearing t-shirts, but I wasn’t celebrating, if it hadn’t been for my other news.

I am thankful for that luck I speak of, as I sent a writing pitch out, quite unexpectedly on the day of my niece’s birth, and received what seems like an acceptance.

Nothing is for sure yet, but after my piece being published in Bustle last month, I am taking all of it as a sign of the kind of year I could end up having, though I had a few bad days recently where I feared none of that would ever again happen.

We have over a dozen family members born in the month of February and now we add one more to the list.

Mya arriving in this most excellent month, to be born as far as I am concerned (and her uncle Paul and her daddy too) in the best month of the year,
only the second in any calendar year,
I am taking this as proof positive that anything is possible. Really, anything can change from one year to the next, one month to another, and even from start to finish of a single day.

We started out 2017, February, and this week without her in our lives, for real, and within a day of the news she would come early, there she was.


Introducing: Mya Lynne

Here she is, a forever part of our family, and that’s really the only thankful I need.

And it’s a lesson, in life, that as a child is born, someone will die.

RIP Bill Paxton, director of this epic 80s music video, among his other notable film credits.

“They can’t play baseball. They don’t wear sweaters. They’re not good dancers. They don’t play drums.”
—Fish Heads, Barnes & Barnes


9 thoughts on “TToT: Muddy Puddles and Horizon Blue, #FamilyDay #ClimateChange #GuiltyPleasure #10Thankful

  1. Your joy with the birth of a wonderful new niece, sharing your middle name and your birth month no less, is overflowing throughout this post, it made me feel happy for all of you. Nothing is a sweeter reminder of what is good about life than a new one beginning in such perfection and innocence! I have to agree with you that February is a most wonderful month in which to be born! 😉

    Family Day is a really wonderful idea, I really wish we had that here! I also like families that have a regular family activity night each week. Keeping a family close takes effort and planning… and it’s fun!

    I applaud anyone who decides to take on something new to learn and sticks with it even when it doesn’t come easily or quickly. This determination will transfer other activities in your life and serve you well. I have every confidence that one day we will find a recording on your blog with you playing a song for us!!

    I am excited for you with the possible acceptance of a writing proposal. You’ve already shown us that when you set your mind to something you will accomplish it, and this is just the beginning of your writing career! I can’t wait to hear more about it when you have details to share.

    Wishing you a truly blessed week ahead, thank you so much for sharing at TToT!

    • Thanks Josie. Perfection and innocence is correct. Now I love February even more, though I know most people dislike it. It means winter to so many.

      Family Day is a nice thing. The world has so much upheaval with families. I am lucky to have avoided most of that. We are quite close. We don’t need a day to recognize that, but it is a special acknowledgement that I wish could bring more families together. Lovely dream.

      I am working on a lullaby song to play for my new niece and everyone this weekend. Cross your fingers for me and for them too.


  2. went to the Fish Heads vid right away. …dude! thats some passing strange video!*

    I was thankful for a violin lesson where my teacher seemed happy with some of the progress I’d made.’
    Totally get that… given how personal and secret the effort and struggle to learn an instrument can be, to have praise from your teacher is the best of all things…

    * I totally applaud it, I thought of the music (that comes towards the halfway point) and now know where it came from (I assume)… all those years with an odd song and no context! thank you

    • Personal and secret. That’s great Clark. That’s precisely how it is.

      Yes, Fish Heads is an original for sure. I am glad I learned that connection it had to Bill.

  3. Such happiness and joy abound here in your post, Kerry. Glad you are finding happiness in things around you. Lovely flowers.
    I had no idea Paxton directed Fish Heads. That’s quite a song and quite a video – Hub and Zilla love it. I just roll my eyes. 😀

    • Haha. Not for everyone I guess Lisa. It was a hit for my brother and me when we were kids. Funny to a child or some adults, but not all.


      Thanks. I was only told after I hit publish that the flowers are the only pictures that made it into the post. I meant to post only one flower pic and then photos of my new niece, but I decided not to go in and change things once I was told of my mistake. That’s how it goes when I can’t see the photos I am inserting. I will try again this weekend.

  4. valj2750 says:

    A new baby is a blessing like none other. My son and his wife are expecting their first child (my first grandchild) in mid-May. I can’t wait to meet her and hold her and love her. Good luck with your writing endeavors. An editor recommended a book to me entitled “The Chicago Manual of Style.” It’s a big giant reference book but it might help with your editing. (I read your Facebook status and it’s your least favorite part of writing). Have a good week, Kerry. I’d like to hear more about Family Day in Canada. PS. The roses are beautiful.

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