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The Tyranny of Now, #SoCS

Ah, what can I say, really? *throws hands in the air*

Some things feel so futile. Ah, the futility of it all.

Sometimes, I tell you…
mankind –
the whole thing blows my mind.


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Kerry, we care about you and the memories you share here. We thought you’d like to look back on this post from 2 years ago.

(Awww, thanks Facebook. Apparently, I was feeling perplexed.)

March 18th, 2015

Yesterday I visited a Holocaust exhibit, a series of black and white photos of men and women who lived through it.

It was at the Kitchener Museum.

Then I went home and came across the mad rantings of a KKK member on television.

Last night apparently St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated with wild colours of green from the Northern Lights at several spots around the world. Proof that the beautiful things still exist and can outshine all ugliness.

It’s still all so baffling to me.

—Then and now…


I resist speaking of it here, trying to hold in my frustration, but this felt like the worst day yet, in some ways, full of ridiculous words and attitudes, and I can’t believe the dismantling of the U.s. happening before our very eyes.

This week we see, is Holland smarter than those who came before them, when deciding possible fate of their country? Is it, indeed possible, for man or woman to learn a lesson in this day and age?

Maybe so. Maybe.

Germany, standing stoic and silent in the presence of such nonsense and self interest.

Destruction. Such a farce. That a fool of a man can gain such power in this world, boggles the mind. And so the whole world gawks, laughs, and cries at what now exists, feels unstoppable.

And all I think the world feels about it too, a growing shame, but I respect so many who are citizens and throwing up their hands, just like me, feeling somewhat secure (for the moment) here I am, in Canada.

When I heard the prompt “man” I immediately thought of one…one man I avoid saying anything about here, whenever possible.

This is not a political or current events blog. It’s just me.

I can’t predict, from day to day, but it’s such a feeling of disgust, and in time this post could be scrutinized too, with reports of phones and other devices being checked upon entry, or possible non entry as the case may now be.

Does crossing over one border in particular even seem like the wise option for the foreseeable future anyway? How much will cross border visits, tourism fault from the tensions that keep increasing?

Places like Canada may suffer for the border share, a part of America, just as much as the U.S.

How it feels that we now have human beings sneaking across from them. The issues this creates, as humanity sometimes feels scarce and then, there are those, some willing to fight for a compassionate solution. And Canada then makes the papers, glowing reviews of our virtues, bestowed by the New York Times.

We are a country and we fumble as we try.

And then…the best and the brightest, hesitating to attempt the land of the free, once full of such promise. Now, will Canada reap the benefits?

Meanwhile, the whole world suffers and seems to spiral into turmoil. Of course, this could just be my personal theatrics. Who can say really.

Man, oh man!


8 thoughts on “The Tyranny of Now, #SoCS

  1. I rarely watch the news, because it’s so toxic. But I don’t believe this can go on much longer, before enough people realize that “The Emperor has no clothes!” I’m going to peek at the news and then look for the Northern Lights.

    • Toxic, yes. We all keep thinking, saying it can’t possibly go on like this, but it does, somehow.

      That last part is beautiful though. I wish I could see something so beautiful as those lights, but I think you need more sight than I currently have for that. I still find beauty though.

      Thanks for your thoughtful response to this. I worried nobody would want to read more about this whole mess, but I had to write this.

      • You are welcome! After I wrote that, I wondered if i was being insensitive about looking and peeking. I hope you can imagine the softness of the Northern Lights flowing through the sky.

  2. Jami Carder says:

    I have felt the same way. I finally come to my own conclusion: all of this turmoil and ridiculousness is happening for a reason. It’s happening to stir something inside of people… To wake them up. I have seen so many people become of vocal and active in ways they never had before. I think all of this is going to result in a shift in humanity. Though we might have to rise from the ashes first…

    • A shift in humanity. Rising from the ashes. I hope you are right. If we have to go through all this, there’s got to be something to show for it. I still wish we could avoid the worst of it all. Hope it won’t continue too much longer like this.

    • Seems to be the case. I never thought I’d be that. No country is better than another really, but some like to push limits. Canada tries to stay under the radar most of the time.

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