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Chasing Horizons, #SongLyricSunday

Road trips are one of my favourite things.


This song, any time it comes on, reminds me of sunny days on an open highway.

I race toward the horizon. Yet, I am in no hurry.


It was a beautiful day, the sun beat down I had the radio on, I was drivin’
Trees flew by, me and Del were singin’ little Runaway I was flyin’
[Chorus:] Yeah runnin’ down a dream That never would come to me Workin’ on a mystery, goin’ wherever it leads Runnin’ down a dream
I felt so good
like anything was possible
I hit cruise control and rubbed my eyes
The last three days the rain was un-stoppable It was always cold, no sunshine
I rolled on as the sky grew dark
I put the pedal down
to make some time
There’s something good waitin’ down this road I’m pickin’ up whatever’s mine
[Chorus Out]



On this lovely April day, the weather is perfectly seasonal and for this week’s Song Lyric Sunday,
I am thinking about taking a road trip.

All the while, I remember those I’ve gone on in the past fondly.


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