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A Balloon In My Mind #AtoZChallenge

In my dream, the balloons were in the yard, trying to get in the house.


My grandma once told me of the time she was walking along a beach and came across this blue balloon thing on the sand. She gently reached out toward it. She wasn’t shy, even when she had no clue what something was.

The A to Z Challenge – J is for Jellyfish

I have seen jellyfish in my distant memory, but since I’ve lost more of my vision, the image of what one looks like has faded.

So now, after my grandma’s description and the dream I had, I think of a balloon whenever I try to imagine what a jellyfish looks like.

I have studied them intensely, on the many ocean documentaries I’ve watched in my time. They aren’t something I would like to touch in the near future. I fear walking along the sea or swimming in it, for fear of coming up against one. I hear the stories of stings and still, for some reason, the jellyfish is still one of my favourite marine creatures.

There is a place, an inland lake, somewhere in the south Pacific Ocean, on an island known as Palau. I want to visit Jellyfish Lake, if I could go anywhere, because then I could stop imagining what a jellyfish looks like, and actually swim with a bunch of non stinging jellies.

What might you envision in your mind, if you’d never before seen a jellyfish? Balloon or something else? Balloon with stinging tentacles of course. Such cool creatures, but it made for one hell of a bad dream.

***This is my first year of joining the A to Z Challenge and so I’ve decided to post randomly, as a way for new visitors to my blog to get to know me a little better. I look forward to discovering some interesting new blogs too.


4 thoughts on “A Balloon In My Mind #AtoZChallenge

  1. They fascinate me too, though I am afraid of them because of the stings. I like that they are an organism that is somewhat different than how we usually view it. The place you want to visit with non-stinging jellyfish sounds amazing. I would love to swim with dolphins, they are astounding and love to interact with people! Their skin feels like velvet, not slippery like you might expect, I have touched them at SeaWorld!

    • They felt rubbery to me, but I like your description too. I don’t feel right about dolphins in so close to humans though and especially if they are not in their natural habitat. I don’t know about those swimming with dolphin places. I never want to harm these animals, even with the idea of Jellyfish Lake out there somewhere. It is a nice dream though. To me, though I keep trying to picture what they look like in my own head, jellyfish symbolize silence and stillness, even though they move through the water. It still feels other worldly.

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