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Stay Away From The Bleach #AtoZChallenge

The obvious choice of words for today’s letter, for me, would be literature. Oh, I do love literature – a lot to say there.


But I decided to go with the practical and that which is at the forefront of my mind today.

The A to Z Challenge – L is for Laundry

I need to do laundry.

Not such an uncommon thing to be done, but one of the biggest topics people ask me about, as in how I handle life as a blind woman, comes down to dressing myself and doing my own laundry.

It makes a difference, if you knew how much vision I still have, but this is a strictly how-its-done post. I see slightly more when I turn on the light down by my washer and dryer.

I know my own clothes. I know when I got it, where, and I’ve likely asked what colour each piece of clothing is. I can tell if it is dark or light. I remember by the materials and the necklines and the shape of each piece. I sort into darks and lights, sweatshirts and towels, and pink/red/purples.

If all else fails, I use the handy App on my phone which takes a picture of something and, within a few seconds to a minute, a response comes back which tells me what the picture shows. This usually identifies the colour as well.

We won’t mention the time, back when I shared a house and a washing machine with my sister, that I accidentally knocked the bleach onto her pile of reds. Oops.

As a rule, no more bleach in this house. It’s just not worth it. Well, off to sort and put in my first load of things.

With a few exceptions, most things aren’t as big a deal or as difficult as people might think, but when you get asked a question enough times, you start to realize some have no idea of how things work in the world of the sightless.

***This is my first year of joining the A to Z Challenge and so I’ve decided to post randomly, as a way for new visitors to my blog to get to know me a little better. I look forward to discovering some interesting new blogs too.


11 thoughts on “Stay Away From The Bleach #AtoZChallenge

  1. As for why you get the question so often, not sure… maybe it is just one of those things everyone has to do – and so wonders about doing without being able to see very well. I like the idea of the app that tells you colours when you are stuck. Very useful!

    As for bleach – I don’t use it all – but I think I’m pretty lazy as far as laundry is concerned 🙂

    • Simple curiosity I suppose, but it feels odd to me, one who has been doing it for years, since I first went away from home at age fourteen.

      And yes, that App sure can help me out of any mishaps.

  2. I don’t use bleach at all either, the scent is too strong, and it’s irritating to my allergy-sensitive skin. I think we do wonder what it would be like to do so many things that we use visual cues for, like sorting or choosing what to wear. I am delighted to hear there is an app that helps you sort items for washing, and yours probably comes out a lot nicer than some of the guys I’ve seen who toss everything in as one load regardless of fabric or color, now they need an app for sure! 🙂

    • Bleach is a danger for me for sure, but I actually really enjoy the smell, more than something like vinegar.

      That App isn’t magic, but it sure feels like it at times.

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