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TToT: Mid April and Easter Update #Easter #10Thankful

“No matter what happens, people need to get their stories out. Sometimes I think this is my life’s work: bearing witness, and helping others to bear witness. Bear witness, expel torment, see the red cardinal in the bare tree.”

–Carrie Snyder, “Red cardinal in bare tree”

One of my favourite writers, Canadian writers, and she speaks on what my writing mentor told me, as I grew more comfortable with my own writer status.

We who write, who call ourselves writers live as such. We are constantly observing the world around us, to write it all down when the time is right.

This week’s TToT is a little or a lot muddled all-over-the-place, kind of like my own life right now.

Ten Things of Thankful

I am thankful for the chance to see myself in the media.

Check out this commercial. This girl has a YouTube channel and she is a public speaker, on Canadian television.

I believe it is important that the world sees that beauty and these products mean just as much to those of us living with a disability in the world.

I am thankful I could help my sister.

She has stuff to do to get ready for a friend’s wedding next month and she finds it hard to get a lot of it done at home, as she always becomes distracted by stuff that needs to get done around her house.

At mine, I could hold the baby and she could work. Not a bad deal.

I am thankful for yet another helpful violin lesson.

I picked up the second line to Minuet 3 easier than I thought. I really do love this song.

It did require me to use my fourth finger, which is not strong at all. It is difficult to stretch a fourth on the string.

I am thankful for a lovely Easter surprise from my friendly new neighbour.

I was not expecting the gesture of beautifully wrapped chocolates, in tissue paper, with a bow.

She wrote a lovely note with it.

I am thankful for another enlightening episode of Anne.

This one revealed more about characters like Gilbert. This is better than I could have imagined. I love knowing more about people, even fictional people.

I am thankful for the beautifully written verbal audio descriptions on several Canadian television channels, like the CBC when I’m trying to watch an Anne episode.

“The Woman is elegantly dressed and has a kind face.”

I am thankful Canada got something before the U.S. for a change.

Yeah, I said it.

I didn’t realize this one is the same one premiering on Netflix soon.

Either way, it should appear first on Canadian television, as it is our story after all.

I am thankful for women in history who made Canada better.

A novel idea for the 19th century: women are capable of talking about serious issues – Who is Kit?
I am thankful I could find out that there seems to be no problem with my plans to try zip lining.

My fear was that they would be hesitant to let anyone try it who is blind. So far, according to the woman I spoke to and her manager, if I will be with a group it shouldn’t be an issue.

I am thankful for the rain and for the warming April weather.

Spring is in the air and you can feel it.

I am thankful for Easter chocolate.

I don’t know what I think about religion. I don’t know what’s going to happen with the world powers, drunk on their desperation for even more. I don’t know what I am doing in my own life even.

I do know I am thankful.


10 thoughts on “TToT: Mid April and Easter Update #Easter #10Thankful

  1. Hi Kerry! I totally enjoyed your TToT list today, because you have several different things travelling through your mind, just as mine usually does. It’s like taking a fun ride on a curvy highway!

    I loved the commercial, yes please, we want inclusion of all kinds in every facet of life, we want the message to go out that everyone is normal. We are all a little different from each other, and yet and everyone is related, and should behave that way!

    Anne sounds like a very good series, and I am thankful that Canadian tv channels are providing descriptions so that you can enjoy it! Why are we so behind in this country when it comes to providing things that help our citizens? SIGH

    You are an awesome sister, it is true that it’s sometimes hard to concentrate in our own homes with so many things clamoring for our attention. I know how much you enjoy the opportunity to love on that sweet baby too!

    Congrats to you for making progress on the next line of your violin piece. I think we could find your name by determination in the dictionary, and determination is always what makes the difference between success and failure.

    I am so glad you can go ahead with your zip-lining plans, I really want you to be able to enjoy that celebration of your life! You were wise to check ahead so there won’t be any problems when the time comes. It’s going to be so wonderful, I smile when I think of you flying along with a big smile on your face! You are braver than I am!

    We have had some good rain here too, and there is really nothing that smells better, so fresh and clean, and nothing that gets those Spring flowers growing faster. Yay for Spring, and most definitely for Easter chocolates… well for any and all chocolates as far as that’s concerned! You have a very kind neighbor, I am glad to read that some neighbors still understand the meaning of the word.

    There are many concerns in our lives, and certainly worry about world affairs. We don’t have all the answers, or maybe any of them, and I think that’s ok too. Maybe faith is taking life one day at a time with courage and humor, and believing that good can and will triumph over evil. I try to find peace in that.

    Thank you for joining at TToT, I hope the remainder of your week brings you blessings! XOXO

    • Determined to bravely find peace.

      I love your comments each week. They are so detailed and conversational and you always show a deep curiosity to anyone of us on the thankful list. So thank you for your devotion to this.

  2. Great list! I will be looking for that Anne of Green Gables show…you know when it finally arrives in America! That made me laugh out loud! The book in that series that was best loved by my daughter and me was Rilla of Ingleside. I think we read it aloud four times, and she read it to herself a couple more! Great literature that left me with a strong desire to visit PEI before I die.

    • Oh, Canada first…hmmm…wonder why that sentiment sounds familiar to me.

      Anne the Series is great, but I love Rilla too, so much. I love the World War I setting of that story.

      We will both make it to P.E.I. one of these days May. Mark my words on that.

  3. Definitely the week(end) for videos.
    The ‘fourth finger problem’ makes me remember my early (and so long ago) days of learning to play. Some fingers just weren’t made to move that far sideways! lol and (for stringed instruments) it’s not only the flexibility of the finger, but the strength and development of sufficient callous/thickness in the finger tips.
    Keep it up, though. It sounds like you are making very steady progress.

  4. valj2750 says:

    Hi Kerry. I have seen that Dove Commercial on American TV and I of course, thought of you,as the only blind person I really know. Like you, I like to learn about people’s lives, fictional or otherwise. I’m still in awe of you and the zip lining experience. I’ve thought about doing it through the jungle or something, but over Niagara Falls. You are really brave.

    • I may be wrong on this, but I don’t believe it goes directly over Niagara Falls. I think it’s alongside it so you can look over/down and see it close enough, but still a safe distance away. Still, I can’t wait and can’t say for certain how I will feel as I go. The jungle one would be pretty cool too though.

  5. I remember when the Anne of Green Gables show was being broadcast on TV many years ago. This new show looks very good. We rarely watch the commercials, so I hadn’t seen the Dove commercial. What a nice sister you are. I’m sure she appreciated having a place to do her preparations without seeing all those other things that she needed to do. Beautifully wrapped chocolates from a new neighbor is a great way to begin a new friendship. Have a great week!

    • And just yesterday we had a chat. I had her over to my house for the first time. Before now we’ve only met up and spoken out in the driveway. Her deck is right there beside mine.

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