TToT: Short and Sweet, Here and Gone #10Thankful

I never get these in on Friday. Never. Despite my best intentions, it just never happens, until now that is.

Ten Things of Thankful

I’m thankful I can go for ice cream with my family.

We have a favourite place here and I thought about what it means to be able to enjoy such a simple pleasure and summer pastime, without fearing for our lives.

In Kabul this week that was not the case. How could someone plant a bomb at such a place, where families with their children gathered? How?

I’m thankful for a new friend who has a big heart and loves to help other writers, specifically women, to work to be our true selves.

Rebirth the Heroine

I recently liked the quote about being the heroine of my own story and this fits perfectly with the message in this video. I could use her peaceful voice and reassurances right now, in the midst of what is a pretty important month for me. (More on that next week.)

I am thankful the zip lining adventure has been officially booked.

We are ten or more. That means we get the discount. Wooooo! Five dollars off each ticket is five dollars. Better than nothing.

I just need to find out if they will allow my brother to photograph anything close to where the zip lining is. I hope to write a piece and use his photos in the newsletter for The Kidney Foundation of Canada. They may want you to buy their pricy souvenir photos though. I can do that too.

Maybe if I tell WildPlay Niagara I am a writer and doing a piece to be published and my brother is a professional photographer.

Cross your fingers.

I’m thankful for a doctor who has a family member with headaches.

Well, allow me to rephrase…I am not glad about the headache thing.

I mean that she seems to understand pain, as she lives with and loves someone who deals with it. This may be why she is as compassionate and empathetic as she is.

She is trying me on a new med because this one hasn’t helped one bit. I have high hopes for the next one.

I’m thankful for an invite to a lovely dinner as a guest of
The Writers’ Union of Canada
by the local members.

I was the youngest one there, but that’s okay. They were all so friendly and I feel I could learn a lot from them.

I probably can’t go back, as the rules are pretty strict and you must be a member, but I am not sure I qualify yet.

Either way, I was happy to be a guest that one time and I had some great conversations, ate some delicious food, and maybe I even made a few future connections. We’ll see.

I’m thankful for a friend who is speaking her mind for the causes important to her and which deserve more attention.

Sweatpants & Equality – Activism Is A Movement & A Practice — Not A Moment By Kerra Bolton

Feeling helpless gets old real fast. Some people find a way to act. Kerra is one of those people. She is strong and determined and I am happy we met. I look forward to reading her words in Sweatpants & Coffee in the future. Give this one a read though.

I am thankful Canada is vowing to move ahead with our promise devoted to the environment.

I don’t understand people and I will never understand 45 and the things he does. I don’t know when enough will be enough.

I don’t pretend to understand everything about the goals set out in the Accord, but I trust in what it stands for and am honoured to be one of almost all countries of the world working to protect the planet together.

I am thankful for another chat with my neighbour.

We could sit on her deck this time.

I love her vow to find peace in her life. She did something about her unhappiness and made a change. I admire her for that. I am glad she did and we can be neighbours.

She even said she will let my dog be leashed and hang out on her deck this summer. Whenever I go away I have to lock him in my entranceway and he barks a lot. She will have a key and can bring him out with her those days, so he won’t have to be alone and she won’t have to listen to him making all that racket.

I am thankful I am off to somewhere I’ve never been.

That is why I am getting this post in early. I will be back in a week’s time and I will have a TToT post in me, all about my trip to share.

I am thankful for some time with my nephew and niece.

With the brutal attacks, more this week, bombings in Baghdad and Kabul, I was feeling anxious and sad.

I sat with my almost five-year-old nephew, in the back of their new van like we used to do as kids in ours, with the hatch wide open to the driveway, where my dad (Grandpa) swept. Reed and I talked about colours, he got a juice box for both of us, and I relaxed for the first time in days.

Then I had a peaceful moment with Mya in my lap, as she stopped crying for her mom for a minute as I called to find out if she was coming to pick her up soon. She stopped crying, suddenly, and we just sat there together.

I kept thinking about Louis Armstrong and his famous song:

What A Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong

“I hear babies cry. I watch them grow. They’ll learn much more, than I’ll ever know. And I think to myself, what a wonderful world.”

—Louis Armstrong

I am now off to experience that world, the part that makes it as wonderful as Armstrong sings about that is.


17 thoughts on “TToT: Short and Sweet, Here and Gone #10Thankful

  1. mimi says:

    Popped over here to read your ten things, and i am so glad i did! My hope is that you will be invited to join the writers club soon.

  2. I just haven’t gotten out to anyone’s blog and so long and I’m so glad I started here because whenever I do it really does hold up to that Louis Armstrong song for me as well you have a wonderful Outlook and what a great bunch of stuff you have going on.

  3. valj2750 says:

    Have a wonderful trip. You know how much I admire you for the zip lining experience. I can’t wait to hear all about it and I would love to see photos if your brother is permitted. I’ll never understand 45, either. I’m glad you found a way to deal with the anxiety, at least for a little bit. Enjoy life!

    • Enjoy life. I am really trying. Thanks Val. I have a lot of travel stories from the past week to be thankful for and zip lining is now two weeks away. Can’t wait. I do plan on enjoying that, for sure.

  4. (Has anyone done the joke yet?)
    “Hey you upcoming zip sounds exciting…. half the fun of a zip is getting there…. have a good zip….”

    v cool on the writers group dinner… I’m a totally believer of development through association, hang out with them whats do the thing you want to learn and you’ll learn way quicker.
    have fun, looking forward to your Post/report

  5. You are so right about the feeling of helplessness growing old fast. I have felt so helpless since the inauguration. I relentlessly write my representatives in outrage and protest. All are republican and are burying their heads in the sand. I am exhausted. Wrong is wrong. Don’t tell me differently. Ugh!
    I love that you found peace with the children. That helps me as well. Great post!
    Safe travels.

  6. You are off into the world again and good for you! Love hearing of your adventures! I sent you a link about a travel writing publication awhile ago – hope you got it.
    I also love knowing you have a neighbor who can (and will) take care of your pet while you’re away. I struggle with leaving ours behind. Knowing someone can be there in your stead is comforting.

  7. dyannedillon says:

    Enjoy your vacation! Is this when you’re zip lining, or is that a separate trip? I’m glad you’re looking forward to it, because someone would have to hold a gun to my head to get me to do it!

    • The zip lining is a day trip. It’s two weeks away. This one was to the Yukon. It was to explore more of my country and also so my father and I could celebrate June 5, remembering that day in 1997 and I stood and overlooked a place called Miles Canyon, a much better place to be on a beautiful June day than a hospital.

  8. I think having a doctor who has dealt with the same things as you or has a family member who has, makes a world of difference in the kind of treatment you receive.
    Rebirth the Heroine sounds like an interesting writing challenge.
    I hope you enjoy your vacation. Can’t wait to hear about your zip lining experience!
    How nice that your neighbor to tend to your dog while you are away.

  9. Here you were FIRST with your post, and I come trailing in last with reading and comments, I’m truly sorry it took me so long this week! Your post was lovely as always, so thoughtful and such an appreciation for the small but important things like good neighbors, casual time with family, caring friends, and people with passion for a cause, and now we have a vacation report to look forward to, and before very long your fantastic zip lining adventure to hear about. I am so excited about that!! I hope that your summer continues to be blessed, just as you are surely a light to everyone around you! XOXO

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