TToT: A Bold Sea of Red – Hiraeth, #10Thankful

The Yukon is still very much on my mind.


I sit in the bright pink alpine flower, fireweed. My mom didn’t tell me about all the bees until after this photo was taken.

I didn’t go for any gold.

The memories are worth their weight in it though.

Ten Things of Thankful

I’m thankful for the local bookstores of far away places.


I wanted to search for a local bookstore on the trip. This one is named after the flowers I’m sitting with in the first photo of this post.

I bought a book to remember the trip.

Robert W. Service

Robert was not born in Canada, but he came to the Yukon and came to love it, writing wonderful poetry about the place. He is well known and thought of all around that area of north west Canada.

I’m thankful for outstandingly good food and restaurant discoveries in a city on my travels.

Doesn’t eating at a restaurant with burnt toast in the name sound appetizing?


Well, it was; so much so that I desperately wanted to bring it back with me to Ontario. I am not normally what is called a “foody” when traveling, preferring to focus on travel for the history or the culture, but I am prepared to make a change in cases such as this one was.

This place has the best salmon I’ve ever tasted, and I didn’t even think I liked salmon all that much, if at all.

I’m thankful for wild animals.

The Yukon has more animals than people, including wild horses.

I’m thankful I got to see my brother graduate.


He received flowers, not from us (his own family), but from a mysterious source.


So proud. His accidental fall almost put a halt to all his hard work, but he used school as therapy and he fought back to finish.

I’m thankful I could have a lovely morning with my neighbour on my deck.

It was so hot that morning, even before noon, and the best chunk of shade was on my deck. Hers was too much in the sun.

I told my neighbour about my trip and gave her the little jar of fire weed jelly to thank her for keeping an eye on things here while I was gone.

I’m thankful peas are back.

I miss fresh peas all the rest of the year. I hope to enjoy them for a few more weeks yet. A good lesson for how to enjoy something when it comes along, as it won’t last, but it very well will return again.

I’m thankful for my father on Father’s Day and every day.


I’m thankful to have my sister to make things clearer.

She is good with certain things that I am not. She is a lot more grown, in many ways, in just two years.

I’m thankful the weather is cooling off the last few days.

No air conditioning needed. I will take the comfort. It’s no Yukon, as we have the humidity they do not, but I enjoy it while I can get it.

Pace yourself Ontario weather. Summer’s only just beginning.

I’m thankful for a day to learn more about my niece and nephew.

My mom and I went to the playground with my niece. My niece wanted to take my dog for a walk on the leash. Soon she had a group of girls following her all around. She is a natural leader, but I hope that doesn’t make growing up hard on her. Girls can be mean and girlhood can be rough sometimes.

For now she is like any other six-year-old who fights with their little brother and she is a strong force of nature, even at this young age.

My nephew starts school this fall and loves dinosaurs, just like his cousin does. It’s often a boy thing, in our family’s case a favourite of both boys.

Dedicated to my favourite little dinosaur.

The Yukon and specifically Whitehorse has some pretty cheeky signs. This one made me think of my nieces and nephews and it made me smile.


Oh, yeah. I must end with this.

RIP Adam #guest appearance on The Simpsons)

On to my next adventure, coming up fast.


7 thoughts on “TToT: A Bold Sea of Red – Hiraeth, #10Thankful

  1. It was a lovely post Kerry but a lovely surprise to find i titled with one of my favourite words. Hiraeth, the feeling I get whenever I’m not in Wales. I guess the Yukon has it’s draw for you.
    Ready for your next adventure.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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  3. How fun to find an extra TToT edition to enjoy! I so enjoyed your photos and memories from your trip to the Yukon, it was such a wonderful way to celebrate this monumental anniversary in your life! You are adorable in the photos, your face is glowing with pleasure and it makes me smile in sharing your joy! 🙂

    I love local bookstores, and could spend hours and countless dollars sorting thru their shelves and tables. I think a book you chose is a wonderful keepsake from the trip! I also love checking out local restaurants. I love salmon and no doubt this would have been better than any I’ve ever eaten. I love the Burnt Toast Cafe name, fun!

    Wild animals, including wild horses are so amazing in their natural habitats, I totally fail to understand why anyone would want to capture or worse yet kill them.

    Your brother’s graduation sounded like an awesome celebration, and I smiled at the flowers from an unnamed admirer, I note that he was smiling too!

    Your neighbor is a treasure and a special blessing in your life, this is how all neighbors should be! I bet she loved her fire weed jelly!

    I love fresh peas too, when I was very young I would steal them from our neighbor’s veggie garden… until my mother found out!

    Your father, your mother, brother and sister, niece and nephew… truly you are blessed with a loving and supportive family that makes all the difference in your life and provides so many opportunities for ordinary experiences and magical times!

    I love that this trip to the Yukon was like the appetizer for the upcoming birthday extravaganza zip-lining experience… and I’m headed over to that post now!! XOXO

    • The ordinary and the magic.

      Bookstores and travel are two of my favourite things. I didn’t know I’d find such delightful food on the trip though. I am glad I decided to try the salmon.

      I love sharing my family with you all here. I love reading about the same for other people.

  4. Thanks for putting a link back to this post, Keri. Your trip to the Yukon sounds marvelous. I agree with Josie, you are just radiating in these photos of you.
    If I remember right, Robert Service, has some poetry that works great for reading to groups that are camping out!
    I’m glad you didn’t get stung sitting by that fireweed.
    It is nice that you are able to sit in the shade and visit with your neighbor. Those kind of friendships are great.

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