Weather Report #WildPlayNiagara #SoCS

I’ve been checking the weather reports for more than a week, though I know their accuracy is low, the earlier you look. It rained a lot lately. It rained all morning yesterday. I read tomorrow is a chance of rain, but today looks clear. What chance, percentage I mean, is the question that must be asked. I don’t know what would happen if it rained when we showed up to go zip lining, but doing that in a light sprinkling might not be too bad.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS

I won’t think about all the things that boggle my mind as I zip down that line later. I won’t think about how long 45 could possibly reign over the U.S. After all, he thinks he’s king of the land, thus the word “reign” is appropriate.

I will take each rein, the handles, or whatever those things on the zip line are called, and I will just go.

Niagara Falls never looked so beautiful.


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