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TToT: Oh, To Be Like Those Tenacious Weeds – Windows and Mirrors, #10Thankful

The eyes are the window to the soul…mirrors to the soul. So what about when one is no longer real?


It’s about that time. Soon it will be time to have a new artificial eye made. It’s made me think more about the whole thing again.

August is here and if I make it through the next month I’ll be a happy camper. So much pressure not to mess up and let myself and others down.

Ten Things of Thankful

I’m thankful for the first day of August and a very special birthday.

My nephew turned four and will be starting school next month. Time flies by.

He had a dinosaur themed birthday with his mom, dad, big sister, and grandma.

We will celebrate next weekend. He is always so excited to show us any new toys he’s gotten since we last saw him when we first arrive. His spirit is one of contagious joyfulness.

I’m thankful for a more successful violin lesson where I could stretch my fingers, develop more strength and flexibility in learning a new part.

I’m thankful for a delicious and satisfying late lunch out.

A veggie omelet, Greek salad, and a cold Coke. Mmm. Strange combination maybe, but it hit the spot on such a hot day and after my lesson.

I’m thankful for the reception I got when I brought my old artificial eye into writing group.

I thought it might make for an interesting mystery object for people to try and write about.

Most people were fascinated to see one up close. One was horrified. I understand the reactions because I’ve seen them all before and have had them all myself.

People wrote humorous stories, horror stories, and to-be-continued stories.

I ended up writing a story that I didn’t expect. It seemed to reflect back at me, all the feelings I’ve had about having lost my left eye and had, what most times is this secret thing, until I reveal it to people. Or, unless they are able to notice it first. I don’t know how often.

I’m thankful for the chance to get more comfortable and challenge my old fear of used clothes.

My hair cut at my cousin’s salon ended with my sister helping me pick out some items from the small boutique as part of the facilities offered.

My cousin believes in recycling because she loves fashion and style, but she’s seen how much clothing waste takes place and she searches out the finds to be had in secondhand stores and sells them for low prices to her already loyal customers.

These are nice looking things and they’re often hardly even worn. I have a long standing phobia of secondhand things and I am challenging that still. I did find some great stuff, including a hoodie, tights, and a few tops and tanks to go with them.

I’m thankful for the happy sounds my niece is starting to make more and more as she approaches six months.

She’s growing far too fast for any of us, but with that comes more exciting milestones.

Sitting in my lap this week she was making a lot more sounds while reaching and looking, interacting and reacting.

She has rolled over and I swear she is eager to get moving.

I’m thankful for a successful second radio show where my brother did a lovely thing for a friend.

He dedicated a song to a poor, departed cat who changed my brother’s opinion of cats as a species.

RIP to a friendly cat.

I’m thankful for bowls and towels.

It’s been raining a lot lately and it’s a good thing we’re set to get a new roof put on this house any day now.

There are several leaks at this point, which have been happening for years, but now when it rains I listen for the drip drip sound inside, while listening to the pounding of the heavy rain out my window.

It’s not supposed to rain indoors. I am still lucky to have a roof over my head that keeps me dry, except for when I stand under those few leaks to lay down the towels and bowls and the drips land in my hair, along with a soggy layer of my ceiling.

I’m thankful for my cat stepping on my sore legs and purring that provides pain relief.

I’m thankful for a cool Friday night amongst humid days.


Getting my TToT in early this week, for a change, doesn’t happen often. I think I just need to work on accepting a lot of life for what and how it is.

“The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.”

—Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


10 thoughts on “TToT: Oh, To Be Like Those Tenacious Weeds – Windows and Mirrors, #10Thankful

  1. Wonderful list of thankfuls. That was brave of you to show your writing group your eye and have them use it as a writing prompt. That was a good idea and most unique. Your niece is adorable. I am sorry to hear of a cat that passed away, I love all cats.

  2. mimi says:

    Hooray for children growing and reaching milestones! While i always said i’d love to have the first year of their growing and developing stretch out over two years so i could enjoy it longer, none of us really wants to stop the process.

    A nice list of thankful things, i’m glad you shared it.

  3. How nice to see your post popping in! I have to start with how much I like that final quote about rain because I think we spend so much energy in our lives fighting against things that we have little control over, and even fighting against ourselves to be whatever image of perfect we have in our heads. Sometimes it really is best to just “let it rain” to go with the flow of life and see where it takes us. However, in the case of your ceiling, I’m so glad it will soon be repaired before mold sets in and creates bigger problems. I’ve had that happen at a house once and it made me ill.

    I love that you took your old artificial eye to your writing group, it is always interesting the variety of responses one will get to something they are unfamiliar with. I remember when a coworker once got a new artificial leg after needing a replacement badly for years. We had a “new leg” party for him, he wore shorts and proudly displayed the “tattoos” that he’d had put on it. A fun day for all of us, since many had never seen an artificial limb before, but of course a couple were horrified. I think that every chance to educate people and remove stigma is an opportunity well taken! It took courage for you to do that!

    I love your joy over your niece and nephew and time shared with them, children have so much enthusiasm for learning and life and it is contagious! The photo of you with your niece is so precious! ❤

    It was nice to hear you feeling that something positive occurred at a violin lesson too!

    It is fun to find used clothing that still looks like new and not only at a good price but also something fun to wear. The way we feel about how we present ourselves definitely affects our self-confidence. I am all about comfort these days, but I love bright colors and prints, my children tend toward more subdued tastes. 🙂

    Your brother's dedication of a song to a departed cat that won him over is so sweet. It only takes the right cat or dog to convince a non-believer that they are precious souls. I've seen it happen many times.

    I love cool evenings too, the recent rains here cooled things by as much as 30 degrees at times, and it was heavenly after the triple-digit daytime heat. Hurry up Autumn! Have a happy weekend and another really good week head, Kerry! ❤

    • Thanks for another thoughtful comment Josie.

      Starting at the end. Sounds good to me. I thought that quote just seemed to fit with the things I’ve been dealing with lately, while also speaking to bigger issues in life. Still, I hope to get things under control before the leaks cause so much damage that could make me unwell.

      Yes, stigma is huge, in many areas. Long before I lost my left eye, there was a boy in my sister’s class who had an artificial leg. So, I saw a little about such things at a young age. I did wonder what it would feel like to walk with one, but also Terry Fox was and still is a Canadian hero…the young man who ran across Canada to raise money for cancer in 1980 and who ultimately lost, not only his leg, but his life in the end.

  4. jeez, she’ll be driving soon, at this rate!

    (cool thing about this virtual world), time goes by faster and faster in both worlds (rl and vl) but the benchmarks we are used to are in the virtual world as well.
    It dawned on me a couple of years ago, I think it was over at Christine’s blog (Fly on the Chicken Coop Wall), when I realized I could say, ‘hey! remember that time that…’
    Which is something we’re used to with family and friends. But the virtual has that too, plus the advantage of multiplying the number of people it applies to.
    (I know people who have never been on line and, when I talk about being online, they’re like, ‘but those people aren’t real, like your neighbors’.
    And I be all, ‘yeah, but I know someone who once….’ (and) ‘there’s this friend of mine who went to Mexico on a writers trip’
    The virtual world is fairly cool place.

    • Driving soon. Haha. Well, at least there’ll be one more person to drive me around. She needs to walk first. Walk before you can drive little one.

      I know what you mean, ever since joining the TToT community, but even before that. There are those I’ve never met in person or spoken to, like writers and editors, who are some of my biggest and longest supporters in my own writing journey. It is possible to find authentic interactions, but you just have to hunt a little.

  5. I don’t know what impresses me more your courage in tackling violin lessons as an adult or sharing your eye with your writing group. Suffice it to say I am wholeheartedly wowed! Shoot, those old weeds have got nothing on you! I hope the process of having the new eye made goes smoothly.

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