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TToT: My Morning Mangos and the Path of Totality – “Le Mot Juste” #10Thankful

To be honest, I didn’t even want to do one of these this week, not at first.

I was horrified at how many people seemed to be defending the wrong people, ones with hate in their hearts rather than those trying to stand up to them. I was railing at the unfairness of the argument, that I know how important free speech actually is.

I know all the arguments about freedom of speech and that anyone trying to silence that in any way, through protests, that this is not necessarily the best way. I wish I could come up with a better way to combat hate speech, even if it is still considered a part of free speech. Violence breaking out between people is the reason I dislike protesting, but I really have no new answers.

I heard firsthand that someone who was at that rally was from north of the border, from my province in Canada and I felt sick.

Then I heard there were white supremacist rallies planned for B.C. and Quebec City and I felt even worse.

All this had me rather depressed, but still…the saga continues and, yet, I am thankful.

Ten Things of Thankful

I’m thankful for fresh peaches and for mangos.

Sometimes, my brain gets a little mixed up and thinks a mango is a turkey dinner, but in fruit form apparently.

Yep. You heard me right.

I’m thankful I had a doctor’s office to be seen at right away when I really needed it.

Once I said the magic words of bladder infection, I was in. After all the unknowns of invisible illnesses, no tests to show there’s even a problem or any pain at all, it’s nice and refreshing to take a test, of any kind, and have it tell the doctors something useful and something to explain my symptoms as I’ve reported them.

I’m thankful for an understanding violin teacher.

We are the kind of teacher/student that, I’d like to think, are understanding when life suddenly happens and canceling is the only option.

I do try not to do it last minute, but in this case I can’t say otherwise.

I’m thankful for antibiotics.

I know over use and all the news reports of over prescribing. There is a time and place for most everything.

I am just grateful we have them when we really do need them.

I’m thankful for an anniversary of a writing freelance resource that has been my ticket into that world.

It’s another of those good vs bad situations with a platform like Facebook. In this case, it is serving a helpful purpose in my life and in helping me to advance my writing career.

I never could have guessed, one year ago, that I would get work from such a spot.

I should have something to show for that in the next month.

I’m thankful things stayed relatively calm for the rallies that did take place here in Canada.

The ones rallying in Quebec swear they are not racist, that it’s about legal immigration, not white supremacy.. Even the difference between the wild and out-of-hand events of Charlottesville, Virginia and the rather uneventful ones here in Canada perfectly illustrate the tameness of this country in most things, compared to what happens in the US most times.

The protesters in Quebec came across looking like the aggressive ones, as the main rally couldn’t begin while the protesters were outnumbering the ralliers and, in the end, things went off rather quietly, for this country anyway.

I’m sure those there might disagree with my assessment of the situation.

Rally in Quebec turns violent after protesters opposing anti-immigrant rallies clash with police – Toronto Star

I did find it amusing and ironic that while the rally was happening and the protesters were protesting in Quebec City, there was a Pride parade going on with Justin Trudeau and the PM of Ireland in Montreal.

I’m thankful for my brother’s help in audio recording for the SiriusXM project I’m working on.

He is an audio wizard. He’d say there are others who can do such things faster than he can, but I know you all would agree if you could have been there today and when you hear what we’re coming up with.

My words and direction and a few sounds I picked up while I was actually in Mexico and he with his computer program that cuts, moves, fades, pastes, moves, etc.

He’s got quite the sharp ear for it.

I’m thankful the blind were taken into consideration to experience the eclipse with everyone else.


It’s nowhere close to the real thing, but it’s a start.

Thanks scientists and app developers.

I’m thankful that a solar eclipse is even possible.

Isn’t our galaxy astounding?

I’ve loved all that since I was a small child. I never believed being an astronaut was in my future, because of the math thing, but I’ve never met a space documentary I didn’t like.

Total Eclipse of the Heart – Bonnie Tyler

And finally…

I’m thankful that nobody I know looked directly at the eclipse without protection.

At least, I don’t think they did. I’d better go and check with everyone I know to be certain.


I had to include an ode to the voice role Jerry Lewis did for one of the classic Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors Halloween episodes. That character was brilliant.


10 thoughts on “TToT: My Morning Mangos and the Path of Totality – “Le Mot Juste” #10Thankful

  1. I’m glad you were able to get into the doctor and get on an antibiotic that would take care of what was causing your symptoms.
    I’m glad that you decided to join up with the TToT this week in spite of the troubling things going on in the world that can drag down our spirits.
    How wonderful that the blind were taken into consideration as the eclipse neared!
    I agree, our galaxy is amazing!

  2. James says:

    I love peaches, from a can i’d eat them then drink the juice.

    “Peaches come from a can,
    They were put there by a man
    In a factory downtown
    If I had my little way,
    I’d eat peaches every day
    Sun-soakin’ bulges in the shade”

    I’m surprised you didn’t think of that song when eating the peaches. I remember peaches buy  (The Presidents of the United States of America) on the radio alot when I was younger.

    As for all the protesters and rallying well there one more thing you should consider is that there are people out there who are frightened of change and to them they think there doing what is needed to  keep thing safe. Sadly that means keeping types of race’s from immigrating next to there home. What i think is there need to be more education on the history’s of all the pain staking work put in to making the country and as well the past of the people who wish to move there, all they most likely had to go through. Any ways that some thing I’ve had in my head.

    Doctors and test is some thing i dread but it is important to find out what wrong. I’m hoping your feeling better after the antibiotics.

    SiriusXM? Im curious to know more?

    And space the final frontier. I love space wish to go up there some day. Sadly I had to miss the eclipse, kinda wish i didnt. Im glad you have a little bit of a love for this amazing galaxy. I know you can’t see but still keep looking up.

    • I like them from a can too. I honestly did not think of that song while writing, but I did hear it a lot in the 90s also.

      I am working on a travel piece for a travel show on SiriusXM and my brother helped me put sound effects to my words as he recorded me reading my travel to Mexico story. Coming soon.

      I will keep looking up. Good advice.

      I used to imagine myself on the moon or another planet. You aren’t thinking of signing up to go to Mars I hope.

  3. I have found that it is the times it is most difficult to contemplate thankfulness is often when we need this exercise the very most. Finding the good in times of despair helps us to regain our balance and perspective. There are bad people and bad things happen, very wrong things at times, but it is still a good world and love is still more powerful than hate.

    I love your brain translating mango to turkey dinner, at least it’s something equally delicious! Mine brain is known for some of the same weird translations, and Papa Bear’s comes up with the wrong words/meanings every now and then.

    I’m so glad you got in to the doctor to get the UTI treated, they are painful and miserable and one of the times that an antibiotic is a must for getting rid of it. I am glad you have an understanding violin teacher who probably knows you well enough by now to know that you wouldn’t fabricate an excuse to miss a lesson, being genuine is part of your character.

    I so wish we could trade our President for Justin Trudeau, he does so many things that make me smile and acknowledge that he cares about people and handles his position with dignity and humor.

    I can’t wait to hear more about the SiriusXM project, it sounds exciting! The eclipsesoundscapes is an awesome thing too, at least an effort to include people with vision limitations in such an exciting event. I hope we will see more of this in the world! I loved that for that one brief period of time everyone shared the same experience without any thoughts of division or differences. XOXO

    • Mangos do have a different fruit taste a lot of people dislike, kind of earthy. My brain went ahead and took it a step or two further it seems.

      I am dying to let everyone in on the full SiriusXM project, but I must wait a few weeks, for the show to go live. Stay tuned. Thanks Josie.

  4. Your writing and it’s progress is both impressive and encouraging for those of us who also practice the craft. And time! ayiiee how quickly it flies! We, those among us at the TToT, speak of events in the years past…”remember when Christine went to London and…” “remember the year Kerry went to Mexico” not that any of us question the reality of the virtual word. It’s just that when some of the longer timeframe traditions apply to our lives here in the blogosphere, does that really bring it home.

    • I still can’t believe I went to Mexico myself. Thanks Clark. I am glad we all encourage and cheer on the other TToT participants. It helps me in a big way and that’s why I return, week after week.

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