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TToT: Quaint Drinking Village with a Fishing Problem – Green Light Night, #10Thankful

Can’t stay long. Deadlines looming. I’m frankly terrified that I’ve taken on something too big for me to handle, but I was reminded of something important and so I write down what I am grateful for this week and then I get back to work.

Ten Things of Thankful

I’m thankful for cheques in the mail.

It’s a bit of a wait this way, but getting paid is a nice thought.

I’m thankful for a hug from my little niece in a particularly stressful moment.

I was taking on big things and my mind was racing. Just hugging her was peaceful.

I did, however, tell her my advice was to stay little, not to grow up.

I’m thankful for the support of a neighbour with an ear to listen to all I’ve got going on.

She cheers me on and was helping me think about my timing, scheduling, as if she were my life coach.

I could likely use one.

I’m thankful my headache has eased.

I tried to cry about a television show, instead of from my pain. Some distractions work better than others.

There’s a definite gratitude when that particular intense pain dissipates and I feel the lack of it.

One of the greatest feelings that I wish would last, but I’ll take it while it’s given to me.

I’m thankful for family who help me out when I am dealing with such bad pain episodes.

Just knowing all of them are there, from the smallest to the biggest among them, it shows me I can get through anything.

I am thankful for this show, put together by Liz, all about travel for the blind.

No Limits Travel For The Blind – Native Traveler (SiriusXM)

My brother did an awesome job at the audio production, bringing it to life.

The other guests that follow my feature piece are great too. I am definitely going to look into taking a trip with
Travel Eyes
for future world exploration.

I’m thankful for helpful advice about how if something weren’t scary, it wouldn’t likely be nearly as worth doing.

Thanks, Jordan Rosenfeld, for this excellent advice.

I don’t know how exactly it happened. I think it started with the pitches I sent out and received acceptances for.

So, I wrote and was published, which lead me to believe I should pitch even more places, even ones I’d feared I wasn’t quite ready for.

Well, somehow, here I am anyway.

And now what?

I’m thankful for the Great Lakes.

Other than not being in salt water, I’d hardly know the difference between being in a lake or the ocean.

I am just glad these bodies of water are so close by.

You go into that water and you’d never know how hot it’s been the last week or more, even though autumn has now arrived.

I’m thankful for the sand and other things that cause me discomfort.

Like travel, there is joy in being at a natural wonder of the planet. And, yet, no sooner do I step onto that sand than I am thinking about getting home and into a warm shower so I can wash it all away.

These times and the yucky feelings sand brings up in me, at the feel of the gritty stuff between my toes, this is helping teach me that life carries lots of big and little discomforts, from sandy beaches to awful headaches.

I can handle that. Handy lesson, I must say.

I’m thankful for a good meal in Port Stanley.

Fish from Lake Erie and homemade fries.

I had both pepperoni and chicken on my pizza, along with green peppers.

Port Stanley Attractions

Nice spot to end the day at.


6 thoughts on “TToT: Quaint Drinking Village with a Fishing Problem – Green Light Night, #10Thankful

  1. I so admire people that can go short and sweet with their list items and yet say so much in what they share! I have the bad tendency to ramble on and on. 🙂

    I am delighted that the pitches you are sending out are meeting with such positive responses! I realize the pressure to perform well is huge, and yet I know you can handle it, because you’ve handled and survived so much more! You have stories to tell and important things to share, and this is just the beginning! One day at a time, one step at a time. Don’t stress about tomorrow, it won’t help anyway. 🙂

    Your little niece is such a joy in your life, a child’s natural ability to love and cheer us is great medicine for the soul! I definitely agree with your advice about growing up, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be, but at least we can stay up late whenever we want! Your neighbor has proven to be a godsend as well, the perfect supportive friend that I know helps ground you when you feel stressed and overwhelmed.

    I was sad to read that it was a week of so much pain. Intense chronic pain really wears on a person, and I applaud you for still being able to find reasons to be thankful for your life in the midst of struggle. I also like the concept of being thankful for things we don’t have/experience, like when the pain is finally gone for a bit. I am thankful for not having people around me every hour of the day like I did when I was working, I love my quiet time! 🙂

    Travel Eyes sounds like a wonderful opportunity and I hope you get to try it out! I am not sure about the doing scary things, but I do know there is a wonderful sense of exhilaration when you conquer a fear by confronting it.

    Your visit to the Great Lakes had me smiling, I can so relate to the peacefulness of the water, the annoyance of sand between your toes, and the pleasure of fresh caught fish for dinner. Port Stanley looks like a lovely place!

    I hope this week is bringing you a greater sense of peace as you continue to be productive with your writing projects. Keep us posted on what you’re working on!

    • That was a hard one. I just finished the rough draft and I am trying not to stress now about what I hear back about it. Now that that is done, I can enjoy the rest of the week with my niece. My sister is working to host us all for my mom’s birthday this weekend, so I am going to hang out with Mya while she works.

  2. valj2750 says:

    I love sandy toes. Feeling the smooth cool sand on the bottom of my feet and having the water wash over them as I stand at the edge of the map, is a good feeling to me. It’s how I let go of my angst, I let it wash out to sea. Your perspective on the yuck and grit is interesting. Have a good week, Kerry and pat yourself on the back for being a focused writer. I envy that.

    • In reality, I am sensitive about sensations and things like sand, but I do enjoy that feeling of the water washing away the sand under my toes as I stand at the shore. It offers a physical relaying of what perspective truly means and the power of nature’s forces.

  3. So good of you to pitch and congratulations on the acceptances! You are amazing. I said this before but I do so need to get better about pitching. Gulp. I’m sorry you’re in so much pain but admire your thankful list so much. I agree with Val – sandy toes are the best!

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