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Hourglass #SoCS

Seasons change, one sliding into another, stretching out, one into the next and so forth. I am in the middle of my favourite one now, this October day cheering my lonely heart, turning from cool and aloof to the warmth of momentary peace and tranquility. Still, I think of the leaves that fall, that crunch underfoot, memories of childhood leaf piles with you.


I soldier on. I revel in these days, as November and December will, soon enough, bring on cold, whipping winds and the first appearance of those delicate winter flakes drifting down, through the chilled air.

I don’t dislike this season, simply because I know the dark winter days are to follow directly in secession.

I love Canada, my home, and the variety of weather we experience. Many stereotypes exist of our country, but my recent trip to The Great White North, in June, was perfection.

Something is seasonal, like in the world of fashion. I do not wear shorts in the middle of winter, though I am not a big fan of wearing them in summer either. I also do not follow what the fashion world claims is “in season” because I know comfort and style are unique to each and every one of us.

Broadening out from the whole pattern of the four seasons, I think of the seasons of life. Mine have gone by painfully slowly and also, blindingly fast. They have been full of sadness, hardships, beauty and bittersweet memory.

So, as I think of you, of all of it, I hope this next one will be everything you are hoping it will be. Bloodlines aside, if he is your family, then be happy with him. After all, life is often so difficult, to find a little peace, that I strongly believe we must all find our own family where and how we can.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday, #SoCS

I wish us all the best during the seasons of all our lives, as the hourglass sand drifts silently down, down, down.

And now my ode to seasons (yearly and throughout life) has come to an end.


7 thoughts on “Hourglass #SoCS

  1. James says:

    I really do enjoy this post you’ve made. Fall is a lovely season from it’s color to the enjoyable sound of crunchy leaves under my feet. But the season that come next I’m not a big fan of. The days of the shorts are over now are the day’s of the warm hoodies. Hope you got some to keep ya warm with karry.

    I do hope you have a happy and peacefull autumn Karry. Keep writing.

  2. Thank you for sharing these beautiful thoughts from the heart with feelings of deeper, richer stories. I wish for you warm, cozy nights and delightful surprises ahead.

  3. I can hear the crisp fall leaves underfoot reading your words. October is one of my favorite months, too. For some reason, this year, our fall has come really late and it’s been hot hot hot for much of this month. The leaves are finally starting to turn though, and I’m excited. I love the idea of finding our family where and when we can, too. That’s so often how it works out. xo

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