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TToT: Looking Off Somewhere I Can’t Go #10Thankful

One need not be a Chamber – to be Haunted –
one need not be a House –
The brain has Corridors – surpassing
Material Place –

Ourself behind ourself, concealed ‘
Should startle most –
Assassin hid in our apartment
Be Horror’s least. 

– Emily Dickinson


I am holding my niece in her Halloween costume.

Ten Things of Thankful

I am thankful for my little butterfly.

(See above photo.)

She has gotten her first few teeth.

No more is her favourite thing, chewing on my fingers, no longer is this such a harmless distraction.

Fly Little Butterfly, Fly!

I am thankful I am a print published author.

ISSUE 4: WINTER 2017 – MisadventuresMag

I have previously been printed in an anthology, but this time I was paid. Last time it was for charity.

I just heard it is going to be available in Barnes & Noble stores and so I will be off on a hunt to find it.

It may not be my own book, but I am excited to discover it’s a magazine that a bookstore carries.

I am thankful for the parcel arriving in my mailbox.

This package contained four copies of the magazine and my cheque.

Not bad, compared to in the past.

I am thankful I could share my news and book with someone, a friend, over a latte.

I was a few minutes late for meeting her. I was late because I just found the parcel in my mail and so I hope she understood.

She was happy to receive one of my four copies of the mag.

I am thankful for more stretching and meditating.

I am thankful for extra writing group time, in a new location, for November’s National Novel Writing Month month.

It has been arranged, in addition to meeting in the library twice a month, that we writers who are attempting NaNoWriMo can use a room in Woodstock Museum, every Saturday, for two hours for the entire month.

This feels like an extended writer’s group, but I don’t read and I get to bring my laptop.

Sometimes there are even snacks.

I am thankful for my loved ones being free from war.

I feel a lot of mixed feelings when a day to remember, like November 11th comes along, and really any time. War is not as simple as bravery and heroism.

But I am heartbroken to hear there is violence that will not rest, in any part of the world. I am glad my nieces and nephews don’t have to grow up around such traumas and horrors, but being aware of it all sometimes weighs me down.

That’s precisely what the above stretches and meditation are needed for. They lift me up.

I am thankful for some good food, especially the bread buns, to support a worthy cause.

I am no athlete, but I think it’s pretty cool what she’s attempting to accomplish. Unfortunately, it always takes money.

The Paralympics (Special Olympics as some like to call it) is, I guess needed, but it is still a neat thing, so important, to show the world that people with disabilities can and do participate in sports too.

Emily Trains for Winter Paralympics

She held a fundraiser and I just couldn’t get enough of the bread buns.

My brother and his friend won door prizes.

I wish her luck in reaching such an excellent athletic goal.

I am thankful for a piece that was just published, after several months since its original acceptance.

SeeingYukon Through Blind Eyes – Passport2017

As Canada enters its next 150 years, I wanted too start off telling the story of a place I will forever love and about the vastness of our country.

I wanted to start off on the right foot and hopefully the next period of Canada can be better.

I am thankful a movie I couldn’t find in theatres is now playing nearby.

I hope to see it soon and will give a review of it when I do.

Before I go…are you aware of the Japanese concept of ma by any chance?

The Japanese concept of ma.

Well, I wasn’t either, until a few days ago. I don’t feel I have quite grasped its meaning, but it feels important to me. It feels meaningful to my life somehow.

“it’s the presence of absence, the gap where the moonlight sifts through.
TheDark Feels Different in November – The Paris Review
It’s the hollow where ghosts gather, the pause in conversation.”


10 thoughts on “TToT: Looking Off Somewhere I Can’t Go #10Thankful

  1. Kristi says:

    I want to see that movie, too!
    I’m happy for you that your writing endeavors are (quite literally, in some cases) paying off.
    Though I hadn’t heard of “ma,” I can relate to the feeling that there is more to learn about a concept, and that the concept is somehow BIG and IMPORTANT. (I’m not speaking specifically of “ma” necessarily; the feeling you describe just seems familiar to me.)

  2. how excellent that getting your writing in print (and paid for too!) lol very, very cool
    (plus I get to claim, “I knew her before….” status in the world of published authors)
    the ‘ma’ thing… weird, I bumped into the concept a few weeks ago… (for me part of the fun of writing involves having to look things up and, of course, once you find yourself in wikipedia getting the information you were after, there are all those extra links within a entry… can’t recall exactly where the trail started… I think it was something to do with architecture… like I said, the fun of all that information)

    • Nice of you to say Clark. Ma is one of those concepts I have known all my life and am just now discovering. From writing to architecture to things I haven’t even dreamed of. That’s the fun of learning that has no end.

  3. What a beautiful butterfly. I imagine the times with her are so precious. And congratulations on being published in the magazine, that’s brilliant! And also for being paid which I imagine helps give some value to your writing (other than just monetary value).

  4. First off and most importantly, CONGRATUATIONS on being published in a magazine and seeing your writing efforts beginning to be fruitful, how exciting!!

    I love that photo of you and your little niece in her butterfly wings. All too soon she will fly from this stage and be a little girl who loves to share new experiences with her beloved Auntie!

    I agree with you about the shadows that fall over remembrance days for veterans. How I wish there never were wars or the need for those to fight them. I do not believe in war as a means to settle anything, and it breaks my heart to see all the suffering they produce. I hate living under the threats of madmen who want to bring another more terrifying one upon us. I pray that they will somehow cease.

    It is awesome that your writing group has found more space/time to continue working together, I know that extra support and encouragement helps, treats are nice too! 🙂

    I haven’t heard of the concept of Ma before, but I find it intriguing. We so often overlook the value of such things in our culture. Sometimes what isn’t is every bit as important as what is! I like space, both in form and in concept, it brings me a sense of balance and peace.

    I will be looking forward to more tales from you about Canada and the life you live there. It is fun to experience places through the eyes of someone who calls it home! I hope this week is going great for you! XOXO

    • Thanks Josie. The frustrating thing, the truly maddening thing about it is that all I can do is feeling like not enough. It’s horrid to realize that more war and ultimate destruction might come down to a couple madmen.

  5. Congratulations on the writing achievements!

    The concept of Ma is quite interesting to me, and a new one for me. I personally enjoy those pauses in conversations, but I know that there are some who use the time to jump right in to swallow up that time with a follow-up remark. I think that there is much to be learned and shared from a Ma.

    I love the Emily Dickinson poem you shared.

    The movie is one I haven’t seen yet, but it is one I think I would enjoy.

    • I think everyone I have told of ma sounds just as intrigued as you Pat.

      I just returned from seeing the movie tonight. My mind is swirling with thoughts about war and peace, life and death, and so much more. Working on a film review now. All people should see that movie. It was as good as I had imagined it would be.

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