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Resolving with the Years, #SoCS

Limbo is an uncomfortable place to be, for me.

I was hanging, like a literal version of limbo, when I went zip lining back in June, in Niagara Falls.

But what a ride!


That’s life, every year I’m given, and all the years that are still ahead of me.

This whole
thing is a quandary to be sure.

I evaluate it every December 31st and more. I struggle with it. I ponder it in my life.

It can also mean the clarity of a screen, for instance, and so I look for the clarity in my world which is full of blurry things.

I do know the negative statistics that are shared widely each year, as the next year approaches, about how resolutions often fail. I choose to resolve to make changes, to make new things happen, and to live with an open heart and mind. That is not like losing thirty pounds or going to the gym every morning or eating only certain food groups.

I do make goals, which can be called by many other things, like plans or resolutions, if the mood strikes.

I am holding fast to these final hours of 2017 because I am scared. I admit I am scared, afraid of what is to come, when I likely won’t need to be. It will probably turn out just fine, or better even.


6 thoughts on “Resolving with the Years, #SoCS

  1. I’m certainly with you on the NY resolutions …..should I? should I not? I mean there are a million things that I should be doing …. but to actually commit to them? I’m not sure that I can handle that much pressure.
    And I feel people looking at me thinking “Wow! That guy’s a wreck! He sure as hell should have some big resolutions for this year!!”
    On the other hand perhaps I could join the party by assigning myself resolutions that are easily achieved in the space of 365 days – like #1. Walk up two flights of stairs, #2. Read half a book, #3. Gain more weight …. or, better still, assign myself tasks that I have already achieved – like #1 eat eggs and avocado for breakfast two mornings in a row, #2 get angry with a redneck #3 gain more weight (OK, I haven’t achieved a lot this year but gee …. it’s only day two.

    Anyway, all the best to you. I enjoy your blog and hope that it may inspire me to do more myself (I’ll make that a resolution but keep it to myself).

  2. Not a lot has been resolved, I concede. World peace is still a little way off but I have managed (as predicted) to put on more weight. So there is a sort of equilibrium about everything.
    I confess that this is the first time in history that anyone has checked up on my resolutions. It’s quite confronting.

    And what about you?

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