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To Boycott Or Not To Boycott? #FireandFury #SoCS #JusJoJan

Does boycotting a place work?


No, seriously…I wanna know.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday/Just Jot It January

Tim Hortons is the place to get your coffee in Canada and I believe the US even has them, possibly along the border of our two countries. I seem to recall, when watching some US television networks through cable, that there was a commercial for the company, but its called Tim Hortons, Coffee and Bake Shop or some such thing.

So, the minimum wage hike that went into effect here at the start of 2018 has everyone in the province of Ontario talking, and now the story spreading across Canada because it isn’t only concerning Ontario, not at all.

Minimum wage, up to $14 or something, and still to rise to $15 in the future. Good for those working certain jobs, but apparently bad for those companies (Tim Hortons) who have to pay more.

The real trouble started when Tim Hortons started cutting back on other benefits their employees did have, supposedly to make up for this change.

There are two sides: the side of those supporting those workers and those workers themselves I guess and the companies and those who have always said rising minimum wage will break us as a province and as a country.

I know very little about the economy and never have. I try to read and listen to the news, but it’s hard enough keeping up with all going on in the world. I don’t have a mind for the study of our economy, (economics). I know it’s good and important knowledge to have, I know that, but I can barely figure out my own affairs, budgeting and bills and the money I’ve started to make, still so new to it all.

Trying to figure out how the province and Canada as a country runs is beyond my capabilities.


So, though Canadians have seemed obsessed with Tim Hortons coffee for longer than I can remember, some are calling for that to change.

It’s not about a greedy corporation at all, some say, because this wage hike issue is put on each individual franchise.

I don’t run one of those either. I don’t know and hardly feel like I should speak.

I got my coffee from McDonald’s today, but that isn’t anything all that new. I simply prefer it and I don’t like being told I have to follow the crowd and be like all other Canadians who can’t go without my Tim Hortons fix.

I tend to look at the subject of corporate greed as a thing that happens. I see minimum wage as affecting real human beings, people who need understanding, but so do all humans I guess, even those who run the giant corporations and companies.

As a writer and creative, one who wouldn’t be all that good at matters of crunching numbers and running a business, I see things from the human perspective. Not to say all creative people are that way. I only know what side I end up falling on, though I try to see any issue from more than just one side whenever and wherever possible.

I don’t know if boycotting the company in question is the answer here, or ever, but that’s what Canada is talking about this week. Well, like other countries nearby, it’s that and Fire and Fury too. Rumour has it that even demand for the book is growing here in Canada. I can’t say I’ll read it, but I think the whole thing is wildly bizarre, and yet unsurprising to say the least.

Fire and fury is a good way to sum up how hyped everyone seems to be. I do feel all the greed that does exist, more than ever from those who make the most money, but I can’t claim I know what I’m talking about on what Canada’s economy has done in the past or will do in the future.

I bet the woman who runs
these prompts
likely has some thoughts on all this.

Linda is to thank for me not feeling totally lost at the start of a new year, as a writer, and she, as a fellow Canadian, might know more about Canada’s economics than I do.

Either way, I thank her for Stream of Consciousness Saturday, all the weeks of the year, and for Just Jot It January, for the first month of each brand new one.


10 thoughts on “To Boycott Or Not To Boycott? #FireandFury #SoCS #JusJoJan

      • Thanks for the info. I was wondering because it seemed relevant to what the reaction would be. Not so much if it was say $14, and a lot if it was $5, right?
        They’ve been arguing about it a lot here too. I think some states on the West Coast have been trying to increase to $15. Our national minimum wage is $7.25.
        I think to make a jump that big is going to be harmful.
        First, because I think minimum wage jobs are supposed to be a ‘starter job’. One where you learn the basics of coming to work on time, how to deal with customers, how to actually DO whatever job you’ve taken. Then, you work your way up to better wages and hopefully a better position with even higher wages. A high minimum wage does not help younger, newer, hopeful entrants to any job market. Employers need to see at LEAST $15 of value in any new employee and would you? When a person is brand new?
        The second thing is: raising the minimum wage eventually raises all wages (except probably not related to the really high earners like CEOs making 500x the minimum, or football players making millions). But all the normal people. It just does not work, human nature will not allow a person who was earning a few bucks over the minimum wage as say an office manager with a college degree and 5 yrs experience to be happy earning the same wage as a brand new worker at McDonalds. Those managers are going to DEMAND to increase their wages to at least the VALUE that they had before!
        And why not? Shouldn’t the value of their education (say a college degree vs no high school diploma) make a difference? Shouldn’t the value of their experience on the job make a difference?
        I think they should, and they obviously do in reality. So, in the real world, any increase in the minimum wage will increase everyone else’s wages. That will eventually increase prices and everyone will wind up paying more for everything.
        What’s changed? Only the number of people on the bottom of the ladder has increased due to being locked out of the labor market by the minimum wage increase. Employers did not accept that they were worth paying that extra money for and so refused to hire them. Also, everyone is now paying higher prices.
        And so now a few years later comes another demand for higher minimum wages.
        We’ve already tried making society better off by increasing minimum wages a few times before. As said in earlier comments, the minimum wage used to be lower. All these benefits we’re supposed to have got from it have NEVER materialized. IF it works, we wouldn’t be discussing it again now. It would have worked by now!
        What we need to address instead of increasing the minimum wage, is the outrageous compensation of those on the upper end of the scale.
        How do employers figure out how much someone should be paid? Should there be a MAXIMUM wage? Why or why not? Does it make a difference if someone is doing something benefitting society? If they’ve invented some fantastic new product? Or come up with an amazing new idea? Or if their athletic ability is enriching a sports team owner (who gyps the public to the tune of hundreds of millions every few years to build them a new stadium)?
        I think that sort of discussion would be a whole lot more useful to society than the one we keep having over the minimum wage.
        Just my humble opinion. 😉

  1. When I started working (US numbers here) in highschool, our minimum wage was $2.55 per hour, and I thought my McDonald’s franchise owner was the best for offering his employees a base starting wage of $3.25. Wow… have times changed. Now shops are desperate to get people to start at $12 per hour (with extras for shift differentials)…

    Thing is, people don’t seem to realize when they complain about the cost of minimum wages and the cost of goods and services… they’re connected. It’s not “greed” (not always… most companies, especially franchises, are just trying to keep their stockholders happy and build enough to keep operations steady during those dips that always show up). It’s just a convoluted mess of expectations.

    At least that’s in my simplistic view… :-/

  2. Hi Kerry; First, let me tel you it’s takes like this that remind me so much why I have missed reading your thoughts. You have the ability to see it from all sides and the willingness to admit what you don’t know or don’t have the time to completely understand. This argument about minimum wage has been going on for years. For the most part it comes down to who do you believe. Do I think there is a point where minimum wage can lower the number of people working because employers will choose third fewer people? Yes, I do agree that can happen. But it has been 40 years in the US since workers here saw any appreciable increase in their pay. At that same time corporations have been taking away benefits as government requirements have been eliminated. So, I’m with you. I love coffee, but I’d never buy it or not buy it over political reasons unless it was found that my source was helping some dictator somewhere press his or her people. I can be happy with cheap coffee from the dollar store or really good starbucks. It’s more about the people you are with. I do believe I am worth good coffee and will buy it especially when buying it for home where I get a better bargain. But finally, I want to commend you on using the words fire and fury in your title. With all the uproar about the book about the President there are a lot of people googling that phrase. It can’t hurt your chances to get traffic. Whether the decision was intentional or a devine accident it’s genius my friend. Great post. Keep up the good work, Max PS I offer my books on selz in addition to amazon because I don’t like that huge corporation keeping so much of my money.

    • I am the last person to speak on this issue really, as I haven’t even ever worked for the official minimum wage in any country, but I do try to see both sides.

      It does seem that the richer keeps getting richer and the poorer getting poorer.

      I did realize, Max, as a matter of fact. It just seemed to fit and so I added the hashtag. There is also a university professor here in Canada who wrote a book with that same title, years ago now, and he has seen a serge in sales of his book in the past few days.

      I do see how Amazon is one of those big companies, with the people in charge getting richer. I still mean to buy your book. Should I go to your site to do that?

  3. I find that this is such a tough question. I worry that increasing the minimum wage will kill a lot of jobs. And does boycotting work? That is another tough question. In the past I have quietly boycotted various industries but they seem to still be thriving. Maybe I should have been more vocal? Who knows. I almost never go to Tim Horton’s though so I guess that is a bit of a moot point for me. Really enjoying your blog.

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