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TToT: The Fog Can Be Pink Sometimes – Plucks and Strums, #Blues #10Thankful

Bomb cyclones, bombshell tell-all’s, and a night out at the symphony. Oh My!

And Dolores O’Riordan is dead.

It’s been a few weeks since I wrote one of these, not since the start of the new year and my niece’s birthday post.


My family at Christmas.

It’s only halfway into the first month of this year and I am already exhausted.

Ten Things of Thankful

I am thankful for Dolores’s voice and lyrics and music.

I am deeply saddened, but I am thankful. I can’t believe she is gone. I’ve loved The Cranberries since I was eleven or twelve years old.

I’ve been on the verge of tears, giving in to it a few of those times, ever since I heard.

I don’t know all of what to say exactly, but I’m sure it will come to me.

I am thankful for the cello and a feature celloist.

Such a deep and rich sound, such a melancholy sound to the cello.

He was making his debut. He was amazing. He even strummed and plucked the strings of his cello along with the fast-paced classical stuff. What a solo with a terrific orchestra to accompany you.

I am thankful for an invite to my very first symphony.

I felt like the least sophisticated in that place and I was definitely the youngest.

Ah well…no accounting for my generation’s lack of taste. It was a first time for me, as classical isn’t necessarily my thing, but I am glad I went.

I am thankful I got to see the newest Star Wars with my brother and my sister.

We, the three of us, went between Christmas and New Year’s.

I was pressed to my seat the whole time, with every new twist and turn of the plot. I realize the giant debate for true fans of this franchise. For me, I like the story, as it stands. I like Adam Driver in his role as villain.

One really frigid December night, my older siblings and I ventured out to check it out, and I’m glad we did. I owe my brother, for his description skill, until I can make it so every theatre, even in my little city, has audio description to offer.

I am thankful I have a temporary replacement braille display.

I can read my own words and the words of other people. I can feel it, under my fingers. I am back, up and running, at full steam ahead.

I am thankful I have parents who are perfectly willing to take me to pick up a shipment at the border.

There was an issue with a temporary replacement for my braille reader and my options weren’t looking good for resolving it.

I had to drive a bit of a distance to sort it out and I am lucky I have family willing to make that drive, over an hour, so I could have the package in hand.

Now I can get back to editing and reading, for however long it takes for my own machine to be fixed.

I am thankful for my sister’s knowledge of hooking up a new router.

Things with the Internet have been lacking around here lately. I went, on a hunch over Christmas, and found and purchased a new router, thanks to my brother’s recommendation.

It came in the mail and I wouldn’t have known how to hook it up myself. Thankfully, my sister took time from her busy life and came and got it done for me.

I hope to get back to yoga over Skype again soon, without the connection failing continuously.

I am thankful for not a no.

Sometimes, the postponing of a for sure acceptance to a writing pitch is nice. Some people may not enjoy the extra time, not knowing, either way. I think I needed it, this week anyway.

I am thankful for an organization of interested people to stand up for ourselves throughout Canada and the US’s Foundations/Federations of the Blind.

Canadian Federation of the Blind

I have no need to put down all that the CNIB has done for me in my life, but for the first time, it feels nice to know I am given a say in making things better.

I end this week’s shorter than usual and (at times often depressing TToT) with an uplifting song from The Cranberries, one of their later albums. In it, she speaks of not analyzing every little thing and I often need that reminder.

I am thankful for this lingering piece of optimism, even in sadness.

Thank you, Dolores, from the bottom of my heart. RIP to the powerful voice and the woman who possessed it.


8 thoughts on “TToT: The Fog Can Be Pink Sometimes – Plucks and Strums, #Blues #10Thankful

  1. messymimi says:

    It’s sad to lose someone whose art spoke to us deeply. Kudos to your family for helping you get so many things sorted!

  2. Dolores’ passing was so very sad, as it is with all young people in the prime of their lives. I would worry about you more if it didn’t affect you. As I grow older, many of the musicians who formed the background of my youth are departing this world, it makes me sad too, and reminds me of my own mortality. The positive side is to remember what gifts they have brought to our lives while they were here.

    I love your family Christmas photo… it is not always easy to get an entire family together and all looking good too! It is a keepsake for everyone involved.

    I am so thankful you are resolving your computer/internet/braille keyboard issues. On the few times when I have been unable to make my computer/phone/Internet work I have felt so cut off from everyone. I realize how much we depend on these wonderful friend connections we have made!

    Your visit to the symphony sounded wonderful. I truly love classical music and the cello is my favorite instrument. My daughter played one when she was in school, until we were transferred to a town that had no youth orchestra. It was so sad. 😦

    I understand exactly what you mean about not getting a no being a blessing. Sometimes we need a bit more time of hope, especially if we already have enough gloom on our plates, and sometimes the extra time means there is still a possibility of a positive outcome!

    The very best advocates for people and their needs are those individuals themselves, their own voices, and I love the Federations/Foundations for the Blind and other such groups that work to promote their needs and issues and lead the way in showing us what we can to help… like audio movie description, such a simple thing to provide that would make such a difference!

    Now that I’m back in operation here, I send prayers and blessings, and hope that this week is going much better for you. It won’t be long before the gray days of winter are banished and I know some warm Spring sunshine on our faces will do us all good. XOXO

    • So sad. I always feel the effects of a musician passing away, but I just never thought she would be it at this age.

      We have a photographer in the family, but it takes a lot to get all the kids looking and all the adults too. Haha.

      Thanks Josie and I love each season, including winter, with a nice mix of sunshiny days and the dimmer ones, as my limited sight sometimes does better with less glare.

  3. Kristi says:

    I saw the Star Wars movie with my family over the Christmas break, too. It was nice of your brother to provide audio description for you. I remember once checking out the movie “To Kill a Mockingbird” from the library. It wasn’t until I got it home and started watching it that I realized I had checked out a video with audio description. It was a little unusual for me, but it did a good job of narrating what was happening. Tell me–when you see a film in the theater with audio description, how exactly does that work? Does the theater provide headphones that carry the descriptions?

    • What a roller coaster, eh?

      Yes, a headset and wireless hand-held device. They are working on apps but all the movie companies and theatre companies need to get on board with app developers I’d guess. I don’t know. It’s a confusing situation to get any progress on.

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