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Winter Waves, #FTSF #JusJoJan #SoCS

On winter waves that make their rushing sound through my tiny phone speaker, sounding still so mighty and just what I need.


Another January is heading toward February, my birthday and my newest niece’s birthday, her first. I try to hold back fact.

What a week, but the winter soothes my mind. I stand, feet on the register, bringing such pleasant heat up to comfort my lower half.

My upper body faces the closed blinds of my window. This house is old and doesn’t have the best insulation, making the frozen winter night permeate through the glass pane. I like this half and half varied sensory experience.

After a long week, full of sadness and disappointment, I listen to a life feed of waves on the opposite side of North America, the west coast of California, at Monterey Bay. Some social media guy is holding a phone off the deck and into the ocean and its waves below, waiting “to soak the phone” he promises.

I think of winter and the ocean and those winter waves, where they originate from. Miles and miles of open ocean give such large waves the room to blossom and grow, unstoppable often, until they reach the breaking of the land.

I like winter in Canada, though many would choose California’s winter over mine. I like the fresh air here. It heartens me and keeps me alert to the life I am living.

But what would I do, where would I be, without the ocean, somewhere out there?

I meditate on it, on those waves, washing away some of the rawness of this week and I release some of the grief to the power of nature and the unstoppable changing of the seasons in Canada and to all that activity, out in the bay.

Finish the Sentence Friday’s first stream of consciousness.

Along with Linda’s
Just Jot It January/Stream of Consciousness Saturday
to end a long week.


24 thoughts on “Winter Waves, #FTSF #JusJoJan #SoCS

  1. Yes, “washing away some of the rawness of this week and I release some of the grief to the power of nature and the unstoppable changing of the seasons in Canada and to all that activity, out in the bay.” I feel this, too. This is beautiful and heartening. Lovely.

  2. Agree with the previous two commentationers.. a very engaging post. Like you I totally love the ocean. I am fortunate in being on the southern coast of New England and so it is possible to stand in the presence of the ocean as it meets dry land. The word presence is totally appropriate, every sense is involved standing at the shore.

  3. Kerry, this is beautiful. The sensory experience of standing on the vent next to the cold window. Imagining the ocean washing away grief… so beautiful. I’m happy to have read this tonight. xo

  4. Kerry, I haven’t been here in some time. Youre still so talented and poetic in your use of words. Perhaps even more so actually… amazing! zoe

  5. BuzzCut says:

    a sensory experience reading this…It almost, almost makes me wish for the ocean over the mountains (I’d love to have both) and I would love a Canadian Winter but at least New England offers bitter cold too. ❤

  6. Here in Chicago, we can actually feel winter AND hear waves at the same time. I live just under a mile from Lake Michigan, and the feeling of all that icy power is similarly both exhilarating and scary. Your post is the third message from the universe this month that I should get out there and listen to the cold waves!

    • I hope you did get to hear the winter waves. Living near lakes like North America’s Great Lakes makes us all lucky who are. I can’t quite feel that icy power from where I live, but close. Thanks.

  7. Kerry, I think this is one of my favorite posts that you have written!
    “The half and half varied sensory experience,” as you penned it, drew me into your world at that moment.
    Beautiful capturing of your winter experiences.

    • Oh, thank you so much Pat. The outpouring of generous comments on this post shows me, whatever else, that maybe I’ve still got it in me, I can write. It’s hugely helpful.

  8. I hope this week has been a better one for you, Kerry. I find the cold, fresh air invigorating but also cleansing, and the sound of waves is one of my favorite sounds in the world. Lovely stream of consciousness writing!

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