Swirling Seas, #JusJoJan

I wake up again, just another morning, in the land of blur and shadows.


Oh, all you shades
of colour
– how I miss you.

Just Jot It January, #JusJoJan

I swipe passed a travel blogger’s description of the sunrise she saw in Mexico and I tried to imagine it in my head. Swirls of colour, in the sky and in the sea, up above and down below.

Pink and purple. Orange and yellow.

Have I ever seen a pink sea?

I have no need to fight it now, my eye appointment hours away, that I am blind and going blinder.

Yeah, I said it. I feel it. I have resisted it. I know it. I need, still, to talk/write about the hard things, in defence of the life I miss and that of which I am living now both.

I miss you, colours, I want to shout at the dark, night sky and at the morning light.

Swirls of colour, trapped inside my mind, going darker and darker. The swirling confusion just won’t quit.

I can’t blame that travel blogger and her sharing of the colours she sees. I want to blame someone, but there’s no one and it will do no good.

No good. Swirls of colour. They won’t stop swirling.

Swirling, swirling, swirling.


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