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TToT: Alright January … Enough Already! #HolocaustMemorialDay #10Thankful

When asked by author Angela Yuriko Smith what we’re looking for, Editor-in-Chief JT Lachausse replied:

“We want what you haven’t seen. Allow me to be dramatic: Imagine that every piece of art is represented by a stone. Many stones make up the mountains and buildings, but even more hide beneath the surface. We are so familiar and fond of the overground rocks, but in the caves and oceans-deep, there are stories that tell things wildly. Desperately, furiously, without great laborious sanitizing or editorial puncturing.”

This is the kind of writing I want to be doing.

And, if I’m not, that’s on no one but me.
Ten Things of Thankful

I am thankful for
Just Jot It January
and the writing it has helped me do all month long, but even good things must come to an end.


I hear, when going through a rough time, that it can’t last forever. I guess.

I did peter out as the end of the month drew near, but I wanted to share
this here from Judy
because I enjoy her and her blog/writing.

I am thankful for another enjoyable lunch with a friend.

Talk of movies she has not seen (Forget Paris) and drinking mimosas on Valentine’s Day, for brunch and going to hear Margaret Atwood speak in Stratford.

I am thankful for a catch up violin lesson.

Our practice room this time contained a piano and that helped me with my scales.

I am thankful to get the chance to have an introduction conference call with the other writers participating on the project about braille.

I am thankful for the movie
The Post
because of the inspiring role, (Katharine Graham) played expertly by Meryl Streep as a woman who had to make a super hard choice and did it with grace and dignity.


Not an easy time to be female and in charge of a newspaper like that, having to make the hardest of decisions, so much at stake.

I am thankful I got a chance, before the movie, to speak to the manager in charge at my local theatre.

He couldn’t be of much help with the issue of audio description at Woodstock’s movie theatre, but he gave me the card of the head office out in B.C.

I am still determined to work, this year, on changing this policy of there not being enough demand, so I can see a movie and not have to make family or friends describe while they, too, are trying to enjoy the show.

I am thankful I could listen in on a conference call about
Braille Literacy Canada
and the importance of braille today.

I am thankful for family and their warm, heated homes to flea to, when I wake to a freezing house and such icy cold tile floors.

My heat crapped out again, twice in one month.

I am thankful for a quick fix and heat returns.

A leaf stuck in there, somewhere.

Silly. I am thankful February is near.

Farewell January.


13 thoughts on “TToT: Alright January … Enough Already! #HolocaustMemorialDay #10Thankful

  1. Hi Kerry! It is so nice to see you showing up with a great TToT post each week! I love that definition of writing, it’s inspiring and makes you want to dig deep to bring out something wonderful to share!

    It sounds like Just Jot January was motivational for you, so it was a good thing to participate in. I am still pondering this year’s A-Z Challenge in April. I love it but it takes so much out of me to stick with it for 30 days in a row! Sticking with things is not my forte.

    I can promise you that the roughest times, just like the darkest nights, do not last forever, even though sometimes it can seem really likely they might. At one point in my life I used to call up a friend who lived 1000 miles away late at night when my life was in total disarray and pain, and he would reassure me over and over that if I just hung in there something would happen, it would change and things would get better. I didn’t believe him really, but I wanted to, so I hung on… and you know something? He was right! I look back on that now and see that he saved my life, and look how far I’ve come since those dark days and nights!

    I love that you have friends to meet up with for lunches and such, it feels so good just to be able to talk and laugh and share, and eat some good stuff while doing it!

    A violin lesson, yay! With a piano in the practice room.. double yay! One day you will see the progress you are making, and you will play for us! 🙂

    I love Meryl Streep’s performances, she always keeps it real, and although I haven’t seen this movie yet, the subject matter to be dealt with means it has to be good! Life does present us with some extremely hard choices. My rule is to go with what feels morally right, and then deal with the consequences as it happens. Anything else is a poor compromise and bound to backfire at some point. Keep fighting for audio description at movies, there is no reason that can’t be provided with the technology so readily available now!

    I am glad you could listen in on both the intro conference to the Braille project and the conference about the importance of Braille today. You have valuable input and I see you doing more and more with this in the future. It is part of your mission in life and why you were given this challenge, to make things better for others and yourself as well!

    Darn your furnace! I wish we could just blow it up and replace it by the waving of a magic wand! Nothing is more miserable and frustrating than dealing with the same mechanical issues over and over, I’ve done that. I am so glad you have open doors with your family, so you have a warm place to take refuge, and I hope this time it might be fixed for good!

    Like you, I am ever so thankful that this month is close to the wrap up and February is near. January is never my favorite month for many reasons, and February is full of good stuff, so let the fun begin!

    WIshing you a really good week, a warm house, and love and laughter surrounding you on dreary winter days. XOXO

    • Thanks Josie. It is inspiring, isn’t it?

      Yes, well I did A to Z last year, for the first time, but I doubt I will do it again this year. Who knows. My situation could change and maybe I will go for it, but I have a lot more things going on and may not make the time for it. It is an interesting blogging challenge, nevertheless.

      Good rule. I try to follow my heart too, what feels right and as the thing to do. This includes fighting for audio description. So many people who are blind don’t bother going to see a movie because it’s just not worth it to them. That makes me sad. It must change.

    • She was never one of my favourites, other than her voice role in The Simpsons as the bad girl Bart got involved with who framed him for stealing from the church donation plate.

      She was outstanding in this role though.

  2. This is the kind of writing I want to be doing
    Thanks, I sent myself the link to the magazine. It’s not so much that I don’t want to submit writing (articles or short stories or whatever)…it’s just that I am inclined to doing what I’m most comfortable doing, even though (and despite) the new and different thing is along the continuum that I really want to travel.
    I admire your strength of will, to not only practice the craft but to put it out there in front of the world. and….champion it (the writing). Lot of energy there, yo.

    • It can be a challenge set in the path of a writer. I sometimes submit a pitch for something without having thought out the piece and that can make things difficult. I need to write more first and submit later.

      Such a great quote and link though. Happy to share and hope you enjoy it.

  3. Kerry, you are such a great spokesperson for getting things done. You are making a difference.
    I’m glad you were able to flee to a warm home when your heater went out, and am glad your heater is working again.
    We enjoyed The Post also. Looking back on how it was and thinking about how it is now makes people think and shapes one’s perspective.
    A catch-up violin lesson with a piano in the room. Nice.

  4. valj2750 says:

    Farewell, January and good riddance. We are one month closer to the summer. Gee, Kerry, having no heat in January? I bet it was tough getting out of bed. Brrr.

    I want to see The Post. Meryl Streep is one of the best actresses.

    The quote about the rocks on the mountain, the ones deeply buried and unfamiliar is a fantastic metaphor about writing, as well as feelings we all have hidden. I’m going to muse about that for awhile. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Hope you have a good week.

    • Yes, I wanted to remain under the thick comforter and then there was the problem that my nose still froze. I had to cover almost entirely.

      You Should definitely see it. Highly recommend.

      Yes, I know what sits on the surface, for me and my writing, but I am interested in searching some, to uncover what’s hiding beneath the surface of things.

  5. I’m sitting laughing at myself and you’re to blame! 😀 I read your post. Enjoyed it…but quickly went to your first link. (Wow! Thanks for posting it.) Was reading the “Five Quick Fixes…” (got lost in the reading and forgot I was commenting here)
    I echo others who esteem you as an inspiration. You are. Now that it’s February and close to your birthday, I remember when you talked about wanting to take up the violin by your next birthday. You shared your trepidation and fear about the challenges (1 year ago? 2 years ago?) You did. You play violin now. And you have consistently shared your struggles and achievements chronicling your journey as a writer. Helpful. Very.
    The Post will be added to movies I’d like to go see. But I never seem to do it before they are out of the theater lol.
    OK. Heat. It is wonderful when we have it but when it breaks! Oh yeah, very uncomfortable. No secondary source? Kerosene heater? Electric heater? Glad the discomfort didn’t last long.It is however, a valid excuse for staying in bed all day or, until the heat is fixed 😀

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