My Personal Rescue Mission, #JusJoJan

I’ve fallen a bit behind with my jotting, as January winds down.


I didn’t read many stories where the brave
committed endless loads of good and noble deeds.

Just Jot It January, #JusJoJan

I did love my Disney fairy tales, but now I wonder why – a childhood dream world gone by.

As a writer, those aren’t really the kinds of narratives I am most enthralled by, but they do have their place.

I wonder, as #TimesUp, if most girls would wish for that brave hero to swoop in and save the day anymore, as men (as a species) seem unable to control their impulses, as we see and live in these modern times.

No no, not some fanatical feminist rant here, I promise. I just think of the little Lego knight on his horse that came with a castle set my brother had when we were children.

A little plastic man and his plastic horse.

I’ve got to save myself, instead of waiting to be rescued.


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