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TToT: Mother Nature and Cloud Iridescence, #10Thankful

It was a diamond winter day in February — clear, cold, hard, brilliant. The sharp blue sky shone, the white fields and hills glittered, the fringe of icicles around the eaves…sparkled. Keen was the frost and crisp the snow over our world; and we young fry…were all agog to enjoy life. 

🎨 Peder Mørk Mønsted

New month, new slate. Here we go.

Ten Things of Thankful

I’m thankful for a nice dinner out with my sister and my brothers.

We went, to celebrate February’s arrival, my upcoming birthday, and my brother-in-law’s birthday in a few weeks.

A few drinks and a free celebration dessert made it a lovely evening. I could relax, finally, for a few hours at least.

I’m thankful when my niece hands me a banana.

It was a plastic toy, but still. The gesture shows she is growing up, soon to be taking her first steps.

I’m thankful when my friend the travel agent helps me figure out some pricing for a trip to BC.

It is for the Canadian Federation of the Blind’s annual spring convention.

At least three of us are going. We will make sure to get in some travel/tourism stuff in there as well.

I am determined to stand by the ocean.

Also, to meet people in person, who I’ve spoken to by phone for months, it will be nice to make their acquaintances, and I hope to speak in front of the entire convention on my project to put descriptive audio services in movie theatres.

I’m thankful for a visit with my neighbour and my brother.

My brother got a ride back here, planning to jam with his band friends in my basement that night. So, I’d previously made a plan to visit with my neighbour in the afternoon and so the three of us had a nice talk.

I’m thankful my neighbour cared to give me some tea to help me sleep with my cold.

She said she could give me apple cider vinegar to gurgle, which she swears takes care of a sore throat for her within hours/a day or two. She said it may taste bad, but it works. Luckily, for me, my throat issues were behind me. Sure, I barely had a voice, but the soreness was gone. It was a stuffy head and I don’t sleep well at the best of times.

She is taking care of me, however she can.

I’m thankful my cold cleared up like it did, when it did, and I hope it stays away for a few weeks at least.

I have an appointment next week to get a new artificial eye made. It requires an entire day of fitting and resizing and taking my current artificial eye in and out, in and out. Not my favourite thing.

With a cold, tearing up constantly, it wouldn’t make the experience any easier.

I’m thankful for my sister’s help with time card/invoice spread sheets/graphs.

To request payment for the contract work I am doing, writing an introduction for a paper on braille, I must fill out a chart thing.

My computer’s voiceover program does read graphs, but I tend to try too hard to visualize them and have to work with what I hear.

I am practicing with my braille display to get a better idea, but just hearing numbers and columns is confusing.

My sister deals with these things, all the time, for her tax business work. She helps me get paid and I am grateful.

I’m thankful my niece is still small enough to fall asleep on my shoulder.

My sister was at the store and my niece had worn herself out, crawling round and around my house, going for mops, crawling behind the couch, and getting into trouble of all kinds.

Eventually though, she started to whimper, for her mother I’d imagined. I picked her up and paced with her in my arms, listening to music and singing gently. Soon she was asleep on my shoulder.

I tried to sit down gently in the chair, trying hard not to wake her, and the position I ended up in was not so good for my neck.

I tried to shift, but she was in a position in my lap and I didn’t want to disturb her. It was totally worth it.

I used to do this with my niece and nephews in the past few years. This may be my last chance, for a long while, to hold a sleeping baby. That saddened me and I held her all the closer for it.

I am thankful for what Britain did to fight off Hitler in World War II.

I went to see The Darkest Hour and I was moved, in many different ways. Churchill’s oratory skill was brilliant and his determination to protect England was challenged at every step, until he was honest and got feedback from the British people. He had little help from the United States at that time, May of 1940. Still, he was honest about the fact that they were on their own and there was no option but to fight to the end.

My feelings on peace vs war, it’s complicated, but I try to understand how things were/are, when making a judgment call on what should/must be done.

If Hitler had conquered the island nation of Great Britain, he could have and likely would’ve moved on to England’s child of sorts, Canada.

I’m thankful it’s February.

I am fickle with my feelings on turning thirty-four on Saturday. It depends on the day or the moment I think about it.

Still, January wasn’t the best of months. Though February also means my niece’s first birthday and her growing up, I am still looking forward to celebrate. The cake my sister has ordered from my cousin, the cake maker, sounds pretty cool.

Spectacular moment “rare rainbow cloud” appears in skies above Brazilian tourist spot – THE SUN

Hello February. You’ve arrived, Finally!


17 thoughts on “TToT: Mother Nature and Cloud Iridescence, #10Thankful

  1. Here’s hoping it brings a bit of Spring-like weather and a lot less rain.
    Penblwydd Hapus for Saturday. I’ll be at my brother’s house helping him celebrate his 60th. It’s unbelievable my little brother is that old already because I know how ancient it makes me but I’m thankful I made it to my last birthday.
    I hope your appointment goes well next week.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  2. That rainbow cloud is so pretty! I’ve seen photos of “sun dogs” as some call them, but never one as beautiful as the one you shared.
    I wish you well with your appointment. Do you have two artificial eyes? That sounds like a long appointment. I hope you have a restful night’s sleep the night before.
    I’m glad you like the Darkest Hour. I know that we surely did.
    I know I’ve said it before, but you are such a wonderful aunt.
    Your neighbor is a attentive neighbor and friend to you. Apple cider vinegar is good for so many things. I hadn’t tried it for a sore throat.
    I hope you stay well, Kerry, and have a safe trip to BC. Best wishes in presenting your message.
    Happy birthday in a few days.

  3. oh man! the ocean (I believe you said that would be the first time…) I repeat, ‘oh man!’
    There is so much to the ocean sensorially speaking. (I’m resisting the urge to write out ‘the perfect way’ to see the ocean the first time.) So, instead, I’ll relate an Ola (our first dog) story.
    She loved to go to the beach. Most dogs do. So we’d get in the car and go. The particular beach we went to is about 10 miles or so. When we got within, say 3 miles, Ola would pick up the scent. (The sense of smell possessed by dogs being nothing less than remarkable). Ola would start to paw at the dashboard and would continue to do so until we got to the parking lot at the beach. Then she would dig in the sand and smell stuff.
    You will enjoy it.
    PS sore throat cure? everyone seems to have one. I swear by gargling with warm salt water. No! really lol it works.

  4. dyannedillon says:

    I would rather have a sore throat than to gargle ANYTHING. I had a nasty cold, along with pink eye, a few months ago and lost my voice. When the pink eye showed up, I went to the doctor, and I got a steroid shot to help my vocal chords relax and got my voice back.
    I love reading your stories about your family. You seem to be very close. And holding a sleeping baby? Yeah, it’s kind of like having a sleeping kitten in your lap, and you will put yourself into any position possible to keep that sweet baby (or finally asleep and not getting herself into trouble kitten) asleep.
    I look forward to hearing about your trip to BC!
    And happy birthday in advance! Here’s to those February girls!

  5. I loved the quote at the top of your post, it recalled to me all the beauty of a crisp winter morning when viewed through the exuberance of youth! Ahh to be in that place of life once again! 🙂

    I was happy for all the positive things you shared as we enter another month… and a birthday month for both you and me…and your baby niece! Lots of celebrating to do! I love the free deserts that come with birthday dining out, and it sounds like you had fun. It is so nice just to have a chance to relax with family or friends, and let everything else slip away for awhile.

    How cute that your niece is now big enough to offer you her toys, I can envision the years ahead with the two of you walking hand in hand to share new adventures! I loved the imagery you created in walking with her on your shoulder and then setting carefully not to wake her. You have a nurturing spirit, and I could picture the exchange of love and comfort so well! It is hard that they grow up so very fast, but you have priceless memories to keep. I am glad she lives close to you.

    I am excited for you about your trip to BC for the convention! You will have fun with friends, meet new people, and do a bight of tourist enjoyment. You also get to enjoy your special loves… travel, and hopefully time at the ocean! I will pray for that because I know how wonderful an experience it is… all senses take it in! It would be just awesome if you get to speak at the convention about your campaign. I know you have the power and determination within you to make good things happen!

    I love your neighbor even though I’ve never met her, because she has taken you under her wing and looks out for you. That’s what caring neighbors/friends do!
    I am glad you are recovering from that cold.

    The new artificial eye fitting doesn’t sound like a lot of fun. I hope the end result makes it worthwhile. How old is the one you have now? Will the new one be pretty much the same, or different, has technology changed?

    Your sister is such a blessing in your life! I wish I lived closer to my sisters. I can imagine how hard it is to visualize a chart in your mind based on audio description.

    Britain’s situation during WWII was so scary, imagine being the families and especially the children, living in fear with so few options. Churchill knew what it meant to be a leader, I wish the same could be said for the “leader” the US has now. 😦 I will never understand war, or the concept of all the atrocities commited in the name of whatever is trying to be achieved. There has to be a more civilized way to resolve things, always it is the innocents who suffer most.

    Your birthday comes just a few days after mine, but I have exactly thirty more candles on my cake than you do… a lot of candles! 🙂 I truly wish for you that the coming year is the happiest and most successful year of your life to day, you are doing so much to accomplish your goals! I also wish you some sweet surprises that bring you joy!

    I saw a picture of that rainbow cloud, it was amazing! I love rainbows, they seem magical at any age, even if we know they are scientific phenomena!

    I join you in welcoming this month’s arrival, may it be a good one for you! XOXO

    • My neighbour just brought over a birthday present of some flowers and a butterfly for my keychain. She is so wonderful and thoughtful to do that. She even gave me one of those singing cards.

      I am glad I live near family. Don’t know what I’d do otherwise.

      The eye making process isn’t painful as such. It’s hard to explain. It’s uncomfortable and awkward. I don’t know what has changed as far as advancement since I last got one made, but I plan to ask him and write about it.

      I can’t imagine WW II but I am trying anyway, to write a story about that time period. I’ve been stuck on those years for most of the years I’ve been alive.

      Thanks and HB right back at you.

  6. I’m jealous of your niece falling asleep on your shoulder. I miss the days of babies so much. So much! Hopefully, I’ll be a grandma one day or something. Wow. Your neighbor sounds so amazing (I remember saying that before, is it the same neighbor??). Also to the sore throat, I know you said you’ve already moved past it, but a great recipe for sore throat and sinus things is hot tea with lots of honey, a pinch of cayenne pepper, and a bit of whisky. I know it sounds weird but it so totally works!

  7. valj2750 says:

    Hi, Kerry. Sorry I’m so late in reading your post. I had the stomach flu this week and I’m just back to normal. The quote at the beginning is a beautiful description of a February day and a metaphor for turning, 34, I think. So much life and wonder to come. I’m not quite double your age, but there were a few times during those years that a particular number hit me harder than another. Particularly, turning 40. But you have scads of time before that. I look at a spreadsheet, graph, chart covered with numbers and it requires much of my attention and focus, even as a sighted person. I’m glad your sister can navigate that for you. I envy those “math people”. Good luck in your travels to the west coast. I can’t wait to read your description of the ocean. Enjoy every moment of your birthday celebration.

    • Oh no, Val, not the flu. Sorry to hear that, really. My mom was hit with that too. It missed me, mercifully. Thanks and hope your weekend is going better than the week sounds like it went. Thanks for stopping in, even at this juncture.

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