Between The Lines, #SongLyricSunday

I recently wrote a Facebook post about letter writing and how much I miss it, as a sincere art form long gone.


Love letters. Rejection letters. Letters home from camp. Letters from the front and from back on the home front during wartime.

Slip it under their door or mail it from afar.



Note: I read through multiple lyric websites and found none of them matched all that well as I, myself heard them. I was too lazy, preoccupied with other things, to spend time either correcting them on their sites or writing it all out correctly here from my own listening to the song. Still, I love this one, it mentions letters, and the violin/fiddle throughout is what made me go with this one. And yet, I still felt I should clarify.


I am right there along with this week’s
Song Lyric Sunday
because, even if I have no vision to read the classic handwritten ones, I love me a good letter.


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