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TToT: Under My Skin and Out of My Hands – Cascade and Concatenate #10Thankful

It’s March and I’ve been uneasy with the spring weather we had, just a few days ago, and right back into winter storms, Mother Nature not even missing a beat.

I dedicate this song and this week’s thankful post to my niece Mya Lynn on her 1st birthday, though it was last week already.

You Make Me Smile – Dave Koz

She is fourth in a row for nieces and nephews, all of whom make me smile everyday. Whether it’s Mya enjoying her first birthday cake and streamers, her big brother playing Ninja Turtles with his friends at the party, or my other niece and nephew set, making me a Happy Birthday video from the airport as they prepare to fly somewhere warm for a week – they all make my list, top of the list, each week I do this and all those weeks I’m not feeling well enough to do this. That’s when their ability to make me smile is needed all the more, though I happily take it anytime.

Ten Things of Thankful

I’m thankful my ERG test went off without any problems, rather painlessly, though slightly uncomfortable at certain points.

Look at the bright, red light. Don’t blink. Count to fifteen. Now you can look away, close your eyes.

I hear back about what it is my retinal impulses say in a few weeks.

The woman doing the test was cheerful and friendly and helpful as she attached the electrodes to my earlobe, eyelid, and my wrist. Luckily, my right eye is my only real eye and so it was only that side I had to be tested on.

I’m thankful I haven’t caught the flu this year.

So many seem to have caught it, different bouts and strains, more than once. I don’t know. I did have my flu shot, though that topic is controversial.

I get colds, not flus.

I’m thankful a celebration of compassion returns.

Sewing The Seeds

It was February of 2015 when I heard a bunch of bloggers/writers hatching a plan to spread words of compassion throughout the online community, to combat all the awful events on the news, taking place all around the world.

It was a project with a lot of steam at first and it lasted several months, but slowly died down over time. People ran out of ways to write about the topic of compassion for 1000 Voices Speak For Compassion and we all moved on.

Three years later and I found something to say to mark the occasion anyway.

I’m thankful our ninth Ketchup On Pancakes podcast episode was ready for release.

Ketchup On Pancakes – Episode 9 – What’s An iMate?

We are aiming for one a month for the entire year, but we’ll see.

I’m thankful for animal/pet therapy.

My cousin owns a hair salon in her basement. She got a new little puppy for her family last weekend. She is only nine weeks and is hanging out down in the salon with us customers for now.

So, she was the sweetest thing and likes to cuddle with people. She spent my appointment in my lap. It was majorly calming.

I’m thankful for something of a head massage for my sore head at a hair appointment.

As my cousin washed and blow dried my hair, it helped my developing headache, likely from my ERG the day before.

I did not want my appointment to come to an end.

I’m thankful for easy listening and new age nature sounds/music when I’ve got an awful headache.

I found some
Tony O’Connor
in Apple Music when I needed something comforting to listen to.

He has albums entirely devoted to soothing natural habitats such as ocean and rain forrest.

I’m thankful for my cousin who creates the most awesome cakes for any occasion.


She made one hell of a unicorn cake for Mya’s first birthday. It was delicious, even with all that icing.

I’m thankful for a brother and a friend, both of whom are computer savvy, and who put up with my impatience and my tendency to over think most things.

We had a lot to take care of this last weekend (spread sheets), but we finished off our days together (unofficial CFB executives meeting) by making big plans to look forward to.

I’m thankful for all the renewed joy of having a newborn around this past year, to have that with a little girl who shares my middle name.

In a way, I am deeply sad that perhaps the final baby of the family is growing passed that sweet infant stage, but she is growing into an absolutely adorable little girl with an incredible need to explore her world.

The best is when I am standing there and she crawls over to me, pulls herself up on my legs, and reaches up with her arms out.

Happy Birthday little girl. Xoxoxo Mya Lynn.

March…and lion or lamb…which comes first where you are?


18 thoughts on “TToT: Under My Skin and Out of My Hands – Cascade and Concatenate #10Thankful

  1. I missed you here last week, so I was extra happy to see your link popping in early today! ❤ The weather has been "interesting" in many this year, cold/warm/cold/warm, and that's a little hard to adjust to. Before long it will be Spring for good, and we will definitely welcome it!

    Happy Birthday to Mya Lynn… one year old and just beginning to explore her world, with her whole life ahead of her. I loved your description of her crawling to you and reaching up for you to pick her up, I can only imagine how much she loves you! You truly are blessed to have your nieces and nephews around where you can share in their lives and make happy memories together. That birthday cake was gorgeous!

    I'm glad you got that ERG test done without too much difficulty, and I hope the headache the following day didn't last long. It definitely helps when the technician is friendly. Attitude is so contagious!

    I am thankful that neither you or I have caught the flu so far this year. So many nasty bugs going around, with some serious consequences. I have been far more aware of germs when out in public and take more care in using sanitizer, etc. Maybe it helps.

    Your Compassion post was excellent. If there ever was a time that the world needs to find it's collective soul, it is now. So many heartbreaking events and tragedies, all that could have been avoided, if only.

    You two are doing amazingly well with your Ketchup on Pancakes podcasts, and I won't be a bit surprised if you reach your new goal of one per month this year!

    Pet therapy is the best… and it's free for the taking! It is so fun to go to a business and find a pet roaming and greeting customers. The CPA firm who does our yearly income tax forms has cats who have lived there long enough to be like family, and it is so relaxing to sit down and have one come up to say hello. Holding a new little puppy was just what you needed, along with the hair care and massage. She should offer that as a bonus service! 🙂

    I have always enjoyed listening to environmental sounds music, it soothes the soul like nothing else can. I will have to check out Tony O'Connor, thank you!

    March is showing up here nice and warm with cool evenings. I wish we could keep Spring forever, but then I suppose we wouldn't appreciate it nearly as much! Wishing you warm sunshine in the days ahead, and many more reasons to smile! XOXO

    • Thanks Josie. It lasted a few days, at its worst, and I almost had to miss Mya’s party. It was a busy party and loud with voices. I’m glad of the timing so I could be there and not be in agony the whole time.

      Glad to be back. I don’t like to miss a week, but it does happen now and then.

  2. valj2750 says:

    Happy Birthday to Mya Lynn. I have enjoyed her ONEderful journey for her first year. That unicorn cake is fantastic. My granddaughter is 9 1/2 months and she is growing and changing every day. It is a joy to be a part of. I’ve had a few of those eye tests. They sure do promote headaches. It’s nice to be able to have some pampering, whether it be in the form of a head massage, some love from a puppy, or music that soothes the soul. I’m glad you got some relaxation and personal attention at your cousin’s salon. 1000 Speak for Compassion is a beautiful global initiative. I participated for a few months, and then not much at all, but I read the postings in the Facebook group always. It is so inspiring. Have a good week, Kerry. I, too, missed you last week.

    • I see you sharing photos of your granddaughter on FB sometimes.

      You weren’t/aren’t the only one. It had over 1000 contributions that first month or two. Things like that never seem to last.

      Missed you all here. Thanks Val.

  3. 15andmeowing says:

    Great list of thankfuls. That is a cute cake , Happy Birthday to your little niece! My hairdresser just opened a salon in her home and her 2 kitties hang out there- I love it!

  4. Hey Mya Lynn! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Nieces and nephews are special and awesome and being an aunt…great isn’t it? 😀
    And Dave Koz? Damn, Kerry lol you have a knack for pulling musical tidbits out of my ancient past 🙂 But thank you!
    So glad the test went well and for sure that you’ve not come down with the flu. I hear you about colds though. Luckily, I’ve not gotten one this year so fingers crossed!
    Yay! and congrats on the podcastsy. Very cool you and your brother can work creatively together.
    Oh, man. The head massage at the salon…awesome isn’t it? My salon has massage chairs where the rollers go up and down your back while you get your hair washed. There have been I’ve almost fallen asleep lol.
    You, over think? lol. Irritating at times, isn’t it, but I hear ya, especially when it comes to computers. I’m going to be finishing the set up on my new laptop later today. While I’m planning on not being in the over analytical state, we’ll see 😀 Time and place right? 🙂
    March in the mid-atlantic came in like a lion!!!! Here’s to welcoming a lamb at some point. Have an excellent weekend!

    • You’re welcome. Your thanks made me smile, your familiarity with this song. I knew, if anyone was familiar with it, I could count on you to be that person. Hope you don’t mind me saying. Less over thinking for you and me both.

  5. Thus far March has been a lamb in Northeast Kansas…especially in comparison to the East Coast.
    That cake was so sweet—no pun intended. Love the eyes on the side.
    Ah…..time at the salon. Yes, I get it. Having someone else wash your hair feels like such an indulgence.

  6. There is no such thing as ‘normal weather’ any more. (uh oh! old person about to tell about how things were in ‘the good ole days’!!!)
    The problem with recollection is that the older the memory, the more subject to change they are…. (I took a stab at this idea in the FTSF. You would get the core thesis, despite how badly written, simply because you possess that kind of mind, i.e. enjoy ideas for their own sake, no matter how outlandish).
    In any event. My own memory of the seasons, while understandably spotty (whole winters missing, entire summers compressed into one day at the beach), the wild spikes and extremes we see of late are very much what weather was not, back in the day.
    Then, the snow finally left mid-to-late March (here in southern New England) and the weather warmed slowly but steadily. None of this flowers blooming in January, rain through entire month of July.
    Passin’ strange, is what we might’ve said, “This weathers passin’ strange, don’cha think?”

    • Not normal, more than strange, and not good if you ask me. I say that now too, even at my age, about how it used to be. Nothing demonstrates that more than the weather. I am glad I am that kind of person. Thanks Clark. Your writing makes a lot of sense to me, actually, most of the time. I may be the only one, but I think there should be a little more snow, at least temperatures lower than higher, until at least April.

  7. That cake looks amazing.I bet it really was delicious. Animals can have such a wonderful benefit to people. They live in the here and now and don’t worry about the past/future, which is something we could all do with practising more often.

  8. Kristi says:

    Happy birthday to your sweet niece. That is quite the birthday cake she had!
    We started March like a lion here, with a winter wonderland of snow. Of course, the forecast in 2 days is supposed to be for temperatures near 60, so I’m not sure March knows what to do with itself.

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